Thursday, 31 January 2013

Friday thought

Hello Friends, next week I pass the baton back to Miss K as she arrives home from her honeymoon with Mr K.  Just in time, as this weekend I am flying over to the UK to be best man at my high school buddies wedding!  Seriously what’s with all these weddings lately, shouldn’t we be more concerned with the impending apocalypse?? 
With travel on my mind I thought I would share with you one of my greatest fears, please see below:

You guessed it, I am terrified of balding.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Emergency Room Fashion

When the zombie plague hits, you can be sure that our hospitals are going to feel the brunt of it as people get tested and issued with green or red wristbands.  Mindful of this, BZF sent an operative undercover this week to see how well our local hospital was functioning and checked if it would be up to the pressure of a mass zombie infection.  It was a quick 5:00am dash to the emergency centre, and well, the initial report is not pretty.

Let’s face it, what is it with those white hospital gowns! We commend the use of practical natural fibres like cotton but surely they could have some designer colours?  Some prints at least.  How about adding a pocket for your iPhone?  Why do they use tie fastenings, have they not heard of Velcro? 

Seriously the style is archaic and in desperate need of a fashion upgrade.  And the whole “put it on backwards” thing has got us stumped.  Did some half drunken medical intern start this as a practical joke and somehow it has become a Standard Operation Procedure?  Walking around with your bum hanging out – really.

We believe, like everything, it is a Government conspiracy. Like tobacco plain packaging it is a psychological trick to reduce the pressure on our hospitals. We can image Miss K’s views on this…

Miss K: “Honey I’m feeling dizzy and my skin is turning grey.
Mr K: “Let’s get you to the hospital and checked out!”
Miss K “What, no way!  I wouldn't be seen undead in one of those hospital gowns.  You can just lock me in the garage. Oh and sharpen up the axe just in case”

Bite off more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Friday thought!!

While Miss K continues to enjoy her honeymoon, we here at BZF are extremely pleased that its all smooth sailing for the wedded couple so far.......But what if it wasn't??  We've all heard the term 'Bridezilla' but what about those bridesmaids gone bad?  See Mr Rimsky's depiction below:

I'm fairly certain this would be any blushing brides worst nightmare - I mean, picking bridesmaids dresses is a big deal right?  To prove my point check out the spine tingling trailer for Rec 3: Genesis, this is one special day you would never forget!

Bite You Later

Mr Vitamin G

Monday, 21 January 2013

Naughty Santa!!

Last year more than any other, I wanted Santa to give me a pet zombie for Christmas.  Mainly to serve as an excellent conversation piece at cocktail parties and to eat Delta Goodrem.  Alas, my wish did not come true.  Instead, my significant other decided to surprise me with some unique gift ideas to appease my insanity.

Dead Rising 2 (PS3) is an action-adventure horror video game where you take on the character of motocross champion Chuck Greene.  Only problem is, the world is overrun with zombies and poor ol’ Chuck’s little girl is infected and at risk from zombification – OMG!  Luckily for Chuck he has a motor bike, access to hundreds of collectable weapons and his badass skills to punch, kick, maim and disembowel any zombies which try to stop him from getting his daughters medication.  If you’re a stress head like me, then you will love the thousands (up to 7000 zombies can appear on screen at the same time) of undead, yearning for the taste of your flesh as you try to evade their filthy mitts!

For something a bit more strategic and inclusive of an elite group of friends attending your next soiree, you should really grab yourself Zombie Fluxx.  This is a card game with a twist where the rules always change and literally any player can win/lose faster than Kim Kardashian’s marriage.  Despite being a little confusing at first, Zombie Flux is a lot of fun and with its fast pace can entertain for a good hour or two!

With video games becoming more realistic and card games stepping it up, the lack of a mindless zombie under my Christmas Tree was all forgotten, maybe this year??
Bite You Later
Mr Vitamin G

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Friday thought!!

Now we all know that Miss K has a keen eye when it comes to fashion and knows the importance of looking good in a post apocalyptic world.  Do you remember when printed text on T Shirts was super cool?  “Who’s Your Daddy?”, “You Lookin At Me?”, “Your Mum’s New Boyfriend” the list goes on.  For this reason I want you to think about  what kind of printed T Shirt you would wear if you knew you were about to turn into a flesh crazed zombie!  I think I would try and have a sense of humour about the situation and pay tribute to my newly acquired fellow undead comrades....

So BZF fans, what would you pick for yourself??

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lookout 2013!!

Last year Miss K revealed that some exciting things were coming your way in 2013 - no Madonna hasn't been admitted into an aged care facility yet!  Recently you may have seen a Friday thought featuring a snippet of spectacular artwork from Mr Rimsky, well it is with great pride that we welcome on board Mr Rimsky to the BZF team!  Stay tuned for more creative carnage over the coming weeks as the BZF universe continues to grow!   
Today Mr Rimsky shares with us a crucial communication tool for use in the advent of a zombie apocalypse, get your survival diaries out and take note of the Zombie Codex! 

When the zombies rise and the Wi-Fi falls, we will have to communicate in a simpler way.  Signs chalked on walls have been used throughout history as a means of leaving messages for others.  A classic example was the “hobo code” used by migrant workers travelling around the US during the depression years.  They marked out for others where to camp, who would give free handouts and what areas were unsafe.  Examples of these codes are on the web and provide a start for developing your own codes.  However, they are lacking in some of the key daily concerns that BZF followers will face.  So we had a go at drafting some signs more in keeping with what BZF followers will need to know, so that you stay in one piece and look amazing in troubled times.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G  

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Friday thought!

Hello Friends, Mr Vitamin G here stocking the supply cupboard while Miss K ties the knot with the ever valiant Mr K.  Despite the fact that our Mayan friends prediction did not come to fruition, I still thought it prudent to present you with a short play list of lethal tunes to party with like Lindsay Lohan on a Tuesday night.  Beginning with some moody apocalyptic anthems, this playlist has it all from Nu Metal, Dubstep, a random zombie themed Country song and of course a good spoonful of sugar-coated-pop.  In the wise words of Britney Spears, if everything is about to go belly up, shouldn’t we ‘keep on dancing till the world ends’?
End of the world as we know it playlist!

To hear all the tracks in a row just click 'Play All' located in the black ribbon at the top of the page.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Monday, 7 January 2013

Love is in the air!

Well after a week back at my day job my Christmas break feels like a distant memory, but I can’t complain because today is my last day  and I am off for the rest of the month!! Miss K is very soon about to become a Mrs! Yes that’s right; I am heading off to get hitched!!

Getting married might seem to be quite optimistic for someone who is obsessed with preparing for the end but I figure if things go wrong it will look something like this...

Besides,  Mr K has pretty impressive upper body strength and he is pretty cute so in an apocalyptic world that makes him a pretty good catch in my eyes.

So I will be taking a break from technology and spending a few weeks at the beach with my new husband, drinking cocktails, swimming and reading a great deal of zombie fiction no doubt, my Kobo is packed full of zombie holiday reading.

But never fear BZF headquarters will be still be manned with Mr Vitamin G heading things up while I am on my break. I am sure ihe has been spending his holidays coming up with loads of killer content so make sure you come and see what he has to say!! I will be back in February refreshed and rearing to go for a huge year of zombie blogging and not to mention the return of The Walking Dead from the mid-season break (what was that about anyway).
So take care and try not to turn before I get back

Miss K

Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday thought!

Now I know Christmas has passed but the talented Mr Rimsky did this for me over the Christmas break and it's so adorable I just had to share!

                                                          Artwork by Mr Rimsky

Enjoy you weekend and if you see a zombie punch him in the face!

Miss K

Thursday, 3 January 2013

It's 2013!

A huge happy new year from the BZF team, I hope you all enjoyed your much needed holiday break; all the build up for the end of the world was a tad exhausting!

I took the opportunity on my holidays to keep on those bushes camping survival skills and headed to the bush with Mr K for a few nights of camping.

After lessons learnt on our first camping trip we this time selected a spot still close to running water but further away from the highway, we all know highways will mean bad news when it all starts going down.

                                                    Camp site

I feel I really stepped it up this time and got out of my comfort zone by washing my hair in the river, oh and even my knickers too. There is just no need for personals hygiene to go out the window just because you have to survive in the wilderness.

                                                   Fresh from the river bath, someone get me a hair dryer stat!

All was going well until not long after midnight on new year’s when some of the other…shall we say ‘questionable’ residents of the camping grounds, second bottle of bourbon for the day seemed to kick in and things went a little crazy.

First they threatened to set their giant and rather mean looking hunting dog on us for allegedly clapping, needless to say we were not, party animals that we are we headed for our sleeping bags at exactly 12.01am!! Not much longer after there was a pretty awful incident where a woman was getting physically assaulted by one of the male campers, but thankfully others intervened and made sure she was safe, but it was pretty scary and upsetting. We certainly don’t condone any type of violence against women here at BZF, unless of course they are the undead and going to eat you.

As a result early the next morning we packed up and high tailed it out of there, and had to go for pancakes to recover from a rather sleepless night waiting to be murdered in our beds, but still all good preparation for fighting for survival in the new world, where not only zombies but other humans will be the enemy.

How did you all spend your break?