Thursday, 30 April 2015

Zombie Awareness Month!

May is a great month. 

It has free comic book day, Star Wars day and Mother's day (oh must buy mum a new machete). But most of all, May is Zombie Awareness Month!

Seriously, it is on Wikipedia so it must be true. 

So the new crew at BZF will be cranking out some serious zombie stuff this May. 

But don't forget to do your bit too! 

Make sure your family and friends are made zombie aware this May. Explain what could happen to them if zombies catch them unprepared! Use some pig guts from the butcher as a visual aid.

Bite off more survival rations than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Introducing Miss ACE

Greetings fellow Bunnies, Zombies and Frocks enthusiasts!

My name is Miss Ace and I am super excited to be joining the amazing BZF team. There are so many reasons for me to be excited for my debut post that I’ve included the most bunny, zombie and frock related content below:
  • When I was young I had a rabbit named Jason (named after the red power ranger). He was a cool, zen-like type of fellow…basically the opposite of Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh. He liked to eat grass, munch on random bits of wood and make hay-forts. Here is a photo of us together (NB: I no longer wear socks like that, although I kind of wish I did):

  • Secondly, like many of us I am looking forward to the zombie apocalypse with nervous excitement. That inevitable day when life as we know it will cease and humanity will be forced to reinvent society. Personally, I’m hoping that no one will have to sit excessively, people will stop being slaves to ridiculous shoes and if we’re lucky, we may even get to ride llamas and alpacas (more on this later). Anywho, I am also fortunate enough to have some cool Zombie heritage, as my Dad comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Zombie capital of the World, famously associated with the films of George A. Romero, godfather of the undead.
  • And as for frocks, I have been known to go to a vintage festival or two. However, I am yet to find a frock with bunnies or zombies on it, but so far I have one with dog breeds and one with tiny monkeys. Also, I really like Zach Braff and his name includes one B, one Z and two FFs, so there’s that.
For most of the next 12 months I will be an out-posted poster, BZF's first international correspondent if you will, posting from South East Asia. Inspired by this, many of my posts will be part of a series that we are calling: DEAD PLANET – sharing tips on staying zombie safe whilst traveling, as well as including some cool stories on International Zombie Lore (cue the Chinese hopping zombie!!). 

For occasional changes of pace, I’ll also be posting on Zombie Combat (‘Defence against the Dead’) and whatever random stuff that my brain produces. When reading my posts, it may make more sense to know that as a child I was shot into space and came back super intelligent. However, most of this was lost at age 14, when I jumped on a mini trampoline and woke up on the ground. Today, I’m best friends with a fish, a pirate and a podiatrist. 

Rise against the Risen 

Miss Ace

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Apocalypse Hal - Stew

So we have covered the zombie apocalypse food pyramid and your average daily energy intake. Now to wrap it all up with how to cook your neighbourhood pets.

Stew is a classic dish and there are more recipes for stew than there are zombies in a horde. So you are bound to come up with an exciting dish that will please the most fussy of survivors. It is also great when catering for a crowd, just ask Greasy Sae.

And just one pot to lick clean afterwards!

Bite off more greasy stew than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Apocalypse Hal - Sipping Urine

Drinking urine is one to those hotly debated topics in the survival community. When you are dying of dehydration some say drinking your urine could save you. However most say it will just dehydrate you more. Either way, here are some handy tips for the beginner.


Oh make sure if you use a teabag that it is herbal and contains no actual tea leaves. Tea is a diuretic and so will just dehydrate you more. As will coffee and beer :(

Bite off more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Terminator set to terminate zombies???

Hey there BZF Buddies, 'what is this' you say??  Have Paramount Pictures decided to do a Terminator/Resident Evil crossover film?  Well not exactly, but the Governator may be about to deliver his most highly anticipated film outside the Terminator franchise and since he returned to the silver screen.

This new feature is titled Maggie and focuses on a father daughter relationship in a post apocalyptic world ravaged by a zombie plague.  Arnold's character is put in a terrible position when he learns that his daughter is  about to succumb to a horrific decline (whilst getting a taste for human flesh) over a number of weeks before the inevitable takes hold of his little girl.

The trailer below does a fantastic job of building dramatic tension without coming across as forced, which is a big tick for a movie starring the world's most famous action hero.  Abigail Breslin who is always a reliable player, stars in the role of the daughter who undergoes quite the gruesome transformation.  I definitely love a zombie movie with heart and not just the kind that gets munched on, rather a film that focuses on the relationships and challenges within a family unit and how they overcome the adversity before them.

Check out the trailer for your chance to see Arnie take a bite in the ever lucrative zombie film market.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Apocalypse Hal - Blowfly

The blowfly is a hungry and rapidly reproducing critter. So what would be the impact of a single Aussie blowfly on a rotting zombie?

In theory an average 70 kg zombie (subtracting 15% body weight for the bones) would provide enough maggot meals to grow 991,666 adult blowflies. Just under a million flies.

A single female blowfly lays about 300 eggs, which would become egg laying adults in just 20 days. Allowing for the gender split (eg only half the flies being females) a single female pregnant blowfly could generate a fly population of over six million flies in just three lifecycles. In other words a single female blowfly could destroy a zombie in about 60 days or less. 

In reality it is quicker, cause there will be more than just one fly laying eggs. The Australia Museum states that maggots can consume 60% of a human corpse in less than a week. Awesome.
Of course it will vary depending on the fly species, climate and the death rate by fly spray. Still they are impressive little buggers. So do zombies stand a chance in the real world?

Bite off more zombie than you can chew, little maggots.

Mr Rimsky