Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lookout 2013!!

Last year Miss K revealed that some exciting things were coming your way in 2013 - no Madonna hasn't been admitted into an aged care facility yet!  Recently you may have seen a Friday thought featuring a snippet of spectacular artwork from Mr Rimsky, well it is with great pride that we welcome on board Mr Rimsky to the BZF team!  Stay tuned for more creative carnage over the coming weeks as the BZF universe continues to grow!   
Today Mr Rimsky shares with us a crucial communication tool for use in the advent of a zombie apocalypse, get your survival diaries out and take note of the Zombie Codex! 

When the zombies rise and the Wi-Fi falls, we will have to communicate in a simpler way.  Signs chalked on walls have been used throughout history as a means of leaving messages for others.  A classic example was the “hobo code” used by migrant workers travelling around the US during the depression years.  They marked out for others where to camp, who would give free handouts and what areas were unsafe.  Examples of these codes are on the web and provide a start for developing your own codes.  However, they are lacking in some of the key daily concerns that BZF followers will face.  So we had a go at drafting some signs more in keeping with what BZF followers will need to know, so that you stay in one piece and look amazing in troubled times.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G  

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