Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ZAC needs your help!!!

Hey BZF fans, just in case you have been living under a rock or looking for Justin Beiber’s career, I thought I would let you know about the latest internet sensation ZAC!!  Yep, the world is ready for a new hero and this one just happens to be BZF’s very own Zombie Attack Cat or ZAC as he is officially known.

Having just made his debut, fans have gone wild and tweens have gone loco, sending the interwebs into a total meltdown.  This zombie slaying kitty has got everything from fatal scratching skills to the big heart of superhero and now he needs your help!

Being a celebrity feline these days is not what it used to be.  Usually one winning appearance on Funniest Home Videos would seal the deal, but now there are more cute kittens going viral than Lindsay Lohan’s cold sore.  How does one cat stand out of the crowd you may ask?  By killing the crap out of zombies that’s how!

So here’s the deal, most people have heard of Grumpy Cat and her many amusing negative memes, ZAC on the other hand would love nothing more than to Zombify Grumpy Cat and partake in a scratching and hissing match that you would normally wake up to at 2:13am in a cold sweat! 

In order to do this, ZAC needs 1000 likes of the picture below on our Facebook page to live out his dream and take on Grumpy Cat in a battle of honour and pride.  So share the love and like ZAC as he continues to bring you his unique views on feline frivolity and of course how to own some zombie ass.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Apocalypse Hal - Hanging Out

When I was a kid I enjoyed the Busytown series of books by Richard Scarry. I always wondered about that funny ladder the firemen had. Turns out it for hitching rides and escaping zombies!

The hook ladder (or pompier ladder) is used by firemen to scale buildings. You do so by climbing up to the first floor and then pulling up the ladder and hooking onto to the next window or balcony. Not used as much these day due to health and safety risks.

I have noticed lots of roof tops and ledges around my area which would be easy to get to with such a hook ladder or a grappling hook. Perfect for hiding away from prowling zombies.

Bite off more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

As the City Falls Part 2

There you have it folks, some images to make you think what you might do if you were caught in a city that went into lockdown.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Ultralight Backpackin' Tips

This book blew my mind with the concept of dehydrating your toothpaste to save weight.

I have decided to get more serious by (slowing) putting together a Bug Out Bag. Which is why I blogged about the "Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag" by Creek Stewart a few weeks ago.

Well I stumbled upon this book by Mike Clelland and it has led me into the nerdy, obsessive sub-culture of ultralight backpacking. We are talking about people who take the lightest packs possible while out hiking. To qualify as ultralight your backpack base weight must be below 10 pounds which is about 4.5 kg. While "base weight" does not include the weight of consumables, like water, food or fuel, it is pretty impressive.

And there is even sub-ultralight backpacking when you get below 5 pounds!

Obviously Mike's tips could be helpful for making your Bug Out Bag lighter. And a lighter bag means you can outrun zombies better. But to be honest, the real reason I bought this book is because Mike is an illustrator and his cartoons are brilliant.

The big thing Mike teaches is how to scrutinise every single item you pack. Survivalist would say you need 3 or 4 ways to make fire. Yet Mike carries a single mini-Bic lighter and his backup is a book of match in a zip-lock bag. He doesn't even carry a knife, just a single sided razor blade.

Mike also provides some handy camping tips that could be very useful in a zombie apocalypse. For example, he doesn't use toilet paper and his detailed instructions of using natural materials, like pine-cones, as a substitute are a must read. The accompanying cartoons are a delight.

Another gem is his recipes. He is a vegetarian and packs a lot of flavour into his "groovy-biotic" food. My own attempts at dehydrated meals have been, um, rather disappointing. So I am keen to try out his recipes, like his instant mash potato dish nicknamed the "Spud Bomb". Which he cooks using a home made alcohol stove (an empty cat food tin with holes punched in it). 

Overall an educational and entertaining read. In case you are wondering, that is Mike Clelland in the photo, not me. I have more hair.

Bite off more "Spud Bomb" than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Apocalypse Hal - Mental Dental

Okay, so you are not going to save a huge amount of weight cutting your toothbrush in half. But it is the principle that counts. Ultralight backpackers save most of their weight by attacking the big three, their backpack, their shelter and their sleeping system. These weigh the most.

By the way, to qualify as ultralight your backpack base weight must be below 10 pounds which is about 4.5 kg. For sub-ultralight, the base weight must be below 5 pounds!

Bite off more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

As the City Falls...

Just as our holiday in Montreal was coming to an end, we realised that we were in the middle of ground zero for the Apocalypse!  Check out the photos I managed to snap to show you all how to survive a city that is about to fall.

Tune in next week for part 2 and discover what we did next!!

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Apocalypse Hal - Seed bombs

Seed bombs have been used for years by guerrilla gardeners to illegally beautify barren cities. Just throw a few around when no one is looking and wait for the flowers to grow.

Apart from being great for lazy gardeners, these will also be useful when the zombies take over. After all, going out and planting a couple of rows of veggies isn't going to be easy when there are zombies on the prowl. So avoid them by using seed bombs to create instant gardens you can harvest later.

And what better to use than novelty brain shaped ice cube trays!

Bite of more leafy greens than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Midweek Musings

Ever wondered what Maryln would have looked like all zombied up? Well I came across this pic on Pinterest the other now you know.

Artist unknown 

Know your zombie icons and don't get bit!! 

Miss K

Midweek Musings

A quick search on Etsy these days and you call find all sorts of zombie inspired jewellery!! So if you feel like treating your self to some new bling, or maybe your looking to buy your special lady a token of yor love...well then why not stand out from the crowd with some apocalyptic flair!!! Here is just a few that came up on my Etsy quest.

Nothing says I love you like Daryl Dixons crossbow

A handy way to keep on top of your survival plan

Aww pretty

So there you go, get your bling on and don't get bit.

Miss K

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Apocalypse Hal - Office War!

The last few weeks have been a real pain at work. Having a zombie horde run riot through the office would have been a nice distraction. After all, everyone wants to be a hero!

When I realised that those paper guillotines could be used as machetes, I quickly checked out the guillotine at work. Of course we have some health and safety approved version which is totally useless in the event of zombies. But the handle on the binding machine looks good.

If you did not pick up on the post-modernism reference in the design, shame on you. It's a parody of the Army of Darkness movie poster. A cult classic. Not that I am the first to do this, I found a Charlie Brown and Simpsons version of this poster online and there are bound to be more. 

Bite off more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

Friday, 4 July 2014

Midweek Musings

Well it's been a hell of a week and I am planning on kicking it back to recover with a weekend at the beach, but if your looking for a manicure this weekend for an outing that's a little more fancy them why don't you try this!! Found on Pinterest and photo by Andrea.

Enjoy the weekend and don't get bit

Miss K


Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag

Now any fair dinkum prepper will have a bug out bag. In fact they probably have a few various survival kits and bags tucked around the place. Just in case.

There are lots of photos, blogs and videos out there about what to put in a bag. But some seem like you can feed and equip a small nation with them. Lugging that much stuff seems painful and it will be worse if zombies are chasing you. So what should put in your bag and what should you leave out?

Well Creek Stewart has the answers!

I downloaded a Kindle version of his book for about $10 and it was definitely worth it. Stewart provides very simple and practical advice on what you need. He runs survival courses and his experience shows. He makes it clear having a bug out bag will only give you a small advantage. You need to have the skills. Hence he suggests you take a first aid course, practice lighting fires and building shelters. There are tips on regularly reviewing your bag and developing your overall "bug out strategy". There are a good number of photos too.

On the downside it is an American book so the equipment is not necessarily easy to get here in Australia. It is also aimed at wilderness survival and there is little about what you may need to stay alive in an urban environment. Sadly zombies are not discussed.  

Still it is an excellent book and will certainly be guiding the development of my bag.

Bite off more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Shopping in Montreal for Bunnies, Zombies and Frocks!

Hi Everyone, Mr Vitamin G reporting to you live from Montreal!  For my second post abroad, I have decided to share with you my finds during some extensive shopping activity.

Last week the Canadian’s really proved to me that they take their zombies seriously.  This was proven by the fact that I was loading up on zombie goodies within 1 hour of landing in the country.  Not to mention that their parliament promised that Canada will never become a safe haven for zombies!

Like any good tourist and armed with my BZF Credit Card (I wish lol) I hungrily proceeded to shop as though it was my last splurge.  I would beat my way through any surging crowd, trample upon those who would trample me and outlast any crying toddler who did not get their Cinnabon fix like mummy promised!

First off we made our way to West Elm which is an upmarket furniture and home wares store, my super talented sister in-law is the Visual Director there and she assured me that there were some treasures to be found, she was not wrong about that!

St Catherines Street is in the heart of downtown Montreal and is an awesome location for the most ravenous shopper.  I made a pit stop at a popular bookstore Chapters and found a very entertaining book called Zombies, original title I know, but the book delivers some really cool insights into the Voodoo Zombie, ‘Real’ Zombies and the Horror Zombie!  It’s actually a fun read and a good guide for anyone wanting to expand their zombie history knowledge.

Fighting my way through the hoards, I passed HMV which is not normally a place I would check for zombie paraphernalia but I managed to find the mother of all lamps.....

To be frank with you all, I did not spend too much time foraging for a frock (much to Miss K's dismay I'm sure), but I have adorned such a garment along with Mr Rimsky for a work charity fundraiser once, that counts right??

Stay tuned for my final report from this side of the hemisphere next week as I reveal an astonishing secret about this city that nobody saw coming!

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G