Thursday, 31 March 2016

Apocalypse Hal: Tracker zombies

We can expect zombies to adapt to different hunting strategies when they are seeking out brains to eat.

Finally there are tracker zombies who will systematic search for and hunt down humans. They will look for signs of humans, like discarded coffee cups or noisy karaoke parties. Once they locate a nest of humans they will attack, possibly working in a pack. Otherwise they may adopt the Waiter or Baiter approach, knowing eventually a tasty human or two will emerge.

Bite off more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Apocalypse Hal: Ranger zombies

We can expect zombies to adapt to different hunting strategies when they are seeking out brains to eat. 

Another technique is for a zombie to wander around looking for someone to eat. Many animal predators use this method but it is not as simple as you think. Zombies will probably use the Levy Walk, a mathematical model of ranging that involves a mix of long and short trips in a random pattern. It increases the chance of finding something yummy to eat and is used by sharks, bees and tourists.

Bite of more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fight like a physicist

If you are going to fight zombies a little physics helps. Actually it can help a lot.

After trying to understand a bit more about kinetic energy I bought this book in the hope it might explain things better. It does and without too much maths with is great for people like me.

Jason Thalken has a PHD in physics and a black belt or two in martial arts. So he has put the two together and written a book on the science of fighting. There are some valuable tips, like the difference between momentum (which is great for shoving zombies out of the way) and kinetic energy (which is great for whacking their heads in). Or why understanding pi can make you punch faster. 

Thalken also presents some interesting US statistics around self defense. Turns out people who immediately attacked their attacker in self defense suffered the least injuries. Seems the best defense is an offense. So don't let the zombies get the upper hand, or your brain. Attack first.

At the end of the book Thalken explains some of those mystical superpowers that you hear about. How to lie on a bed of nails or bend a spear with your throat. Looks like being a mystical monk is all down to knowing your physics. Sadly the book was very light on weapons but did show where the center of gravity on a baby is. Could be useful one day.  

Finally a book that helps put all those boring physics classes you did at school into practical use.

Bite off more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Monday, 7 March 2016

Zpoc taste test

There are lots of meal choices when it comes to stocking up your Bag Out Bag. MREs, freeze dried meals or even your own dehydrated meals. However if you want to keep it light and simple then food bars are an option. No cooking, just open and eat. Easy to squeeze into your pack and lots of options available. So I though a taste test was in order.

From left to right; Clif Bar, Mr Rimsky's Zombie Bar, Mother Earth, Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar


Clif Bar - Chocolate chip
These get lots of raves overseas so was keen to try one. Visually not what I expected and it reminded me of something from the cat's kitty litter tray. Texture wise it was moist and chewy with very little crumbling. It was sweet but not too much. It certainly did not taste like a chocolate chip biscuit and there was an 'earthy cereal' type flavour that I suspect was due to to ingredients like rice syrup, soy protein, soybean and malt barley.

Price       $3.95
Serving   68g
Energy    1,050Kj (1,544 Kj/100g) 
Sugar      23g (34g/100g)

Texture   moist and chewy
Flavour   very pleasant

Verdict   Clif bars are marketed as a 'formulated supplementary food' so great choice for a survival situation. Best texture, good taste and enjoyable eating.

Mr Rimsky's Zombie Bar  - Dark chocolate and chili
Food bars are a multi million dollar market so naturally I want a slice too. This is a variation of the old US D ration and mainly consists of chocolate. Texture was a bit crumbly but with a nice mouthfeel as the chocolate melts in your mouth. There is a powdery effect due to the oat flour but it wasn't gritty or off putting. The sweetest of all the bars although the use of dark chocolate does tone it down a bit.

Price       no idea
Serving   about 100g
Energy    2,100Kj (2,100Kj/100g?) 
Sugar      Too much
Texture   soft and bit crumbly
Flavour   sweet with tangy chili aftertaste

Verdict   Shows promise. Can be made into a a hot chocolate beverage. Chili boosts the metabolism so probably not a great choice in a survival situation. A chocoholics delight.

Mother Earth baked oat slices - Golden oats
Walk into any supermarket and there are a staggering number of bars and biscuits on offer. Buying some of these mass produced bars makes good sense as they tend to be the cheapest option. I do find these to be overly sweet and not as healthy as other specialty food bars. I grabbed the golden oats variety in the hope it provides a more sustained release of energy. Comparing the nutritional labels this bar had the lowest amount of sugar.

Price       pack of 6 for about $4.50
Energy    772Kj (1930Kj/100g)
Sugar      9g (22.4g/100g)
Serving   size 40g
Texture   Crumbly with that dry and baked feel
Flavour   Bit plain with an oaty taste

Verdict    A cheaper and still healthy option. Made from whole grain cereals and oats and has the lowest sugar content of all the bars. 

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar  - Cacao mint
Another bar that gets good reviews. The first thing I noticed opening the packet was the minty smell. Definite the standout bar when it comes to taste although the dates give it a certain underlying flavour. Being based on the Paleo diet the ingredients are simple and unrefined. This bar has only five ingredients; coconut, three and half dates, cacao, coconut oil and peppermint oil. Not very sweet, a bit dry and crumbly. 

Price       $4.95 (but you can buy boxes online)
Energy    932Kj (2070Kj/100g)
Sugar      15g (35g/100g)
Serving   size 45g
Texture   soft and bit crumbly
Flavour   best flavour but reminded me of toothpaste

Verdict    A good bar and probably the tastiest. They are smaller than Clif Bars but look to be more energy dense, meaning more energy per gram weight overall.

Note: Due to concerns over nut allergies none of the bars I selected contained tree nuts. This restricted what flavours I could pick. For example the Cacao mint was the only Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar I could find without nuts.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Apocalypse Hal: Baiter zombies

We can expect zombies to adapt to different hunting strategies when they are seeking out brains to eat.

Baiter zombies will take the ambush technique to the next level by trying to lure humans to them. The most clever ones may use sound, smells or lights as lures as these can travel a fair distance, increase the possibility of a curious human coming to investigate. On a simpler level some food left out on the street may be enough to entice a hungry survivor close enough to snack on.

Bite off more that you can chew

Mr Rimsky