Saturday, 3 September 2016


Wow, it is the start of September! That means it is spring and two thirds of the way through the year. And I am sooooo far behind in my project.

This week I discovered this delightful US website called Wazoo which sells survival gear. Including Wazombies!

Awesomely cool, although their zombie paracord bracelet packs more gear. And pretty trendy too. While Wazoo do ship overseas the gear is rather pricey, so I won't be buying one just yet.

However I have purchased a wonderful fashion accessory, a groin protector. Kind of like one of those codpieces that were all the rage back in the sixteenth century. Very stylish and required for self defense classes. Even have bruises from the last class. Think that was when one guy grabbed my shoulder and kneed me three times in the stomach (no injury - I was holding a kickpad and wearing my trusty groin protector).

And how amazing is Australia Survivor? Seriously, what is it like? I haven't seen a single episode. Unfortunately I live in a very democratic house and everyone else is voting to watch Zumbos Just Desserts instead. Sigh.

Bite off my Zumbo dessert than you can chew

Mr Rimsky