Monday, 21 January 2013

Naughty Santa!!

Last year more than any other, I wanted Santa to give me a pet zombie for Christmas.  Mainly to serve as an excellent conversation piece at cocktail parties and to eat Delta Goodrem.  Alas, my wish did not come true.  Instead, my significant other decided to surprise me with some unique gift ideas to appease my insanity.

Dead Rising 2 (PS3) is an action-adventure horror video game where you take on the character of motocross champion Chuck Greene.  Only problem is, the world is overrun with zombies and poor ol’ Chuck’s little girl is infected and at risk from zombification – OMG!  Luckily for Chuck he has a motor bike, access to hundreds of collectable weapons and his badass skills to punch, kick, maim and disembowel any zombies which try to stop him from getting his daughters medication.  If you’re a stress head like me, then you will love the thousands (up to 7000 zombies can appear on screen at the same time) of undead, yearning for the taste of your flesh as you try to evade their filthy mitts!

For something a bit more strategic and inclusive of an elite group of friends attending your next soiree, you should really grab yourself Zombie Fluxx.  This is a card game with a twist where the rules always change and literally any player can win/lose faster than Kim Kardashian’s marriage.  Despite being a little confusing at first, Zombie Flux is a lot of fun and with its fast pace can entertain for a good hour or two!

With video games becoming more realistic and card games stepping it up, the lack of a mindless zombie under my Christmas Tree was all forgotten, maybe this year??
Bite You Later
Mr Vitamin G

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