Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Zombie stompers!

By now you would be on board with how important the choice of footwear for surviving the zombie apocalypse is going to be. On one of my many Pinterest adventures I came across this awesome  footwear range, so thought I would share!

Introducing  the Zombie Stomper platform from Iron Fist

I admit that these beauties will probably not serve you well in the apocalypse, unless your confident you can run down a zombie in 4 and a half inch heels. However, they would be awesome to add to your wardrobe to get you into the zombie stomping spirit and who doesn't love a peep toe! We all know the power of  fancy new shoes.

You can order these ass kicking heels from, 
or if you are looking for something a little more zombie hunter friendly then check out others in the range.

I am loving the  Rip my Heart Combat Boot.

So start planning for your end of the world wardrobe now and don't get bit.

Mrs K

Monday, 25 February 2013

Zombies on the run!!!

That’s right BZF fans, zombies are on the move and they might be coming your way in 2013!!  Has the apocalypse already begun you might ask?  Have the dead crawled out from their graves?  Is Britney Spears pregnant again? No.  But expect all hell to break loose when the ‘Zombie Escape – Survival Challenge’ comes to a city near you!

So here’s the premise.  An obstacle course is set and you either get to participate as a survivor or a zombie.  The survivors navigate their way through the outdoor  5km track whilst trying to hang on to their health flags – think Oz Tag but with the infected chasing you like an all you can eat buffet!  If running for your life or dressing up as a rotting corpse is not your thing, you also have the option of being a spectator and watching the chaos unfold before your very eyes.

Dates have not been announced and this is the first event of its kind in Australia, but you better believe that BZF will bring you a review of what is sure to be a yearly bloodbath on the zombie lover’s calendar!

To find out more click on the link:   Zombie Escape – Survival Challenge


Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What's in Mrs K's apocalyptic makeup bag

So by now you all know that I strongly believe that the zombie apocalypse does not mean that you have to go around looking all haggard and pasty, there will be enough to deal with so I am not dealing with looking almost as dead as the zombies!! A bit of colour people, please!

This has inspired me to give some thought on what products I would include in my apocalypse make up bag as a regular feature here on BZF. I will be scouting for products that are readily available, so easy to stockpile and can be used a few different ways so I can save on precious space if having to travel on foot. And this is also the perfect excuse for me to subscribe to another beauty box! Well how else is a girl meant to do her product research!!

Now you may be thinking come on, makeup in the apocalypse…. Be realistic. I am no fool, I know that there will be days when there is no chance to ‘put my face on’ or things will get just too hard to find, but I will never stop caring about uneven skin tone and looking washed out!!

So here is the first zombie apocalypse ‘must have’ I have found.

Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream – BB (beauty balms) creams seem to be where it’s at right now in the beauty world. I recently got this in a Bellabox as a sample and now I am hooked. This product covers provides coverage like a foundation and also acts as a moisturiser, it has an SPF 15 and soothes red skin, also helps control oil  and it also has anti-ageing properties!! So what could be more perfect for all that stress that apocalyptic conditions will place on one’s skin?  You can replace your moisturiser, anti-ageing serum, concealer and foundation with this one product and free up some precious space in your makeup bag. I have super precious difficult skin and most foundations just disappear within minutes on my face. I tried this during the really hot weather we had last month and it stayed on for hours and hours so I really feel it could go the distance when you’re getting all sweated up evading the hungry hoards. It retails for around $15.00 and you can find it in most Department stores.  I say stock up on this one.

So look after your face and don't get bit.

Mrs K

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Zombies Australian Style!

Greetings friends, today I am bringing an Aussie inspiration to your attention.  Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner are two brothers who have decided to create their very own zombie epic which promises to be a fusion of Mad Max and Dawn of the Dead, AWESOME!! 
Basically these talented boys have been making short films together for ages and have developed the skills to produce their very own feature, enter the scene ‘Wyrmwood’ a cult classic in the making.  The cool part about this film is the public support that has led to $36,515 being raised to help get this baby across the line for a 2013 release date.  To create hype, the boys gave incentives for fans e.g. $500 = a guest appearance in the film as a zombie, or $30 = a limited edition blu-ray signed copy!!

I’m sure all you BZF fans will be grabbing your tickets like a zombie with a bowl of brains to see this on the silver screen, so check out the trailer below and if you would like more info click here.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Friday, 15 February 2013

Rather late Friday thought!

What a week! We apologise for the lack of posting this week but with Mr Vitamin G just getting back from his whirl wind London trip and Mr Rimsky and I having our day jobs take up way to much of our personal space, time has not been on our side!!

Mr K and I also welcomed a new family member into our home this week. Meet Zeus, the zombie attack cat.

We have been dealing with all the usual aspects of settling in a new kitten, but he is a lovely boy and I am smitten!!

It also appears he is a big fan of the Walking Dead, you can't really tell because of the glare on the screen but this is him trying to get a closer look at the latest episode , The Suicide Kings!!

Enjoy the weekend and don't get bit.

Miss K


Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday thought!

In keeping with this weeks theme of zombie fiction, I have been thinking, just how many great stories start from a dream? Last night I had a really intense dream, surviving in an apartment block constantly invaded by the living dead, terrified, but then somehow all the Buffy I have watched in my life time kicked in and I morphed into an awesome zombie slayer!! Is this the makings of the next best seller....hmmm... What do you think?

                 Mrs K the zombie slayer!! Artwork by Mr Rimsky

Enjoy your weekend, read a zombie book from cover to cover and don't get bit

Mrs K


Monday, 4 February 2013

I'm back!

Hey BZFers! Miss me?

I'm back and now an old married lady! Everything went well and we had a wonderful time but I am now suffering from a bad case of post major event depression as I start to come back down to earth!

Firstly a huge thank you to Mr Vitamin G who I am sure you will all agree did an awesome job of heading up BZF headquarters!

I also hope you enjoyed the brilliant work of Mr Rimsky, the newest member of the BZF team, I am sure he had lots more interesting stuff in store for us!

Well I did I fact spend a great deal of the honeymoon pool side, and whilst some brides may prefer to be spending their post wedded bliss holiday with a good romance novel, I immersed myself in zombie fiction! I managed to get through quite a few novels and still going! I have read a gazillion zombie books lately and I have realised that there seems to be some standard themes that make up the formula for a great zombie read, so thought I would share my thoughts.

1. Zombie uprisings pretty much always happen in the dead of winter. I guess it adds an extra level to the survival tale; the hero’s have not only the undead to deal with, but fighting against the elements and trudging through snow trying to find shelter. I often wonder why The Walking Dead is not set in winter; it is in the graphic novels and definitely adds something to the storyline.

2. All zombies are not created equal. Ok so you think you have zombies all figured out and all the hours spent watching The Walking Dead have prepared you to do battle, well think again! The slightest mutation in a zombie virus and bang you have super zombies who can outrun you, learn, work together, hunt in packs, be taken over and controlled by some crazy vampire etc.

3. There are endless names for zombies. Walkers, biters, deaders, the unconsecrated, risers, murdo,  zeed’s, speeders, oh and my favourite…’the infected’.

4. The zombie apocalypse brings out the absolute worst of human nature. When society falls apart and the big guns are busy trying to save us all from being wiped of the planet and normally becoming extinct themselves anyway, the lowest of the low of society turn the post-apocalyptic world into their own sick depraved playground! As if there is not enough to contend with, trust no one!!

5. Think twice about that flu shot!! The number of outbreaks that have stemmed from a rushed vaccine for a pandemic, like H1N1 is alarming, had a been into all of this earlier I may not have so willingly lined up for my free work place swine flu vaccination!! The phrase ‘dodged a bullet’ comes to mind!

Some of my most recent reads include, all well worth checking out in my opinion. I generlay download all my novels from Kobo and use the Kobo application on my Ipad as a reader.

Zombie Fallout Series by Mark Tufo
The Outbreak by Taylor Wright
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
The Rising Dead by Devan Sagliani

I will do some more in depth reviews on these at some stage. So have any of you got an awesome zombie read that we need to know about?

Enjoy your summer reading and don't get bit

Mrs K