Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Catching up!

Last week I finally got to catch up on the first 2 episodes of The Walking Dead. We get it 30 hours behind the States and some of my work mates had planned to have a little launch part to commemorate the series return. Alas with our busy schedules we couldn't do it in first week so instead decided to make it a 2 episode event. We all got into the spirit and dressed up; there was Dale and Glen, a few bite victims possibly on the turn, some that had already succumbed to the virus and one rather huge and very real hunting knife!! I turned up as bite victim, which practically was the case as I survived a magpie swooping attack on the way!! We feasted on pizza and eyeball punch and all agreed that season 3 delivered all we hoped, with a few more shocking moments then we bargained for!!

 Mr Vitamin G  - he didn't make it!! Unfortunatly he is also my PR guy so I wonder what will happen to my readership!

Well I now have episode 3 in my hot little hand so I am off to see what happens next , stay safe and don't get bit.

Miss K

Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday thought!

Struggling for motivation to make it to the gym, or pick up those weights...then remember this!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Prints for the apocalypse

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Mr K convinced me to buy a leopard print frock. I do have a few leopard print accessories but have never really been brave enough to take the plunge into all over print. 
Anyway plunge I did (he was paying) and this new addition to my wardrobe got me thinking… a leopard print frock is perfect attire for surviving the zombie apocalypse!! I mean leopards have those amazing pelts for a reason; it’s the ultimate in nature camouflage!! Now traditional camo is not for everyone, but a leopard print frock would make the perfect replacement. Imagine how you will be able to blend into the surroundings when hiding out in the woods with fellow survivors when a few rouge zombies come wandering through your camp. Ok so there is the issue of still smelling like a living zombie meal. Perhaps someone like Demeter Fragrance can release a 'dead' scent and then you will be practically invisible in the eyes of the zombie!! And if the worse does come to pass and you do get bitten… well at least you will be a well dressed on trend dead person!!

Dress from Lilly and Lou
Necklace from Disney Couture
Silly pose from me

Till next time

Miss K

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Friday thought!

Well we have made it though another week without any zombie attacks or an outbreak but...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

It's go time!!

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is almost upon us and I can't wait.

The episode would probably be airing right now in the states, but here in Australia we have to wait a little till it will be available. Here is the link to some sneak peeks of what to expect!!

My favourite character is Daryl Dixon, there is something very sexy about a dirty survivor wearing plaid and wedeling a cross bow!! I can’t wait to see what is in store for him.

Enjoy and remember ...stay vigilant

Miss K

Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday thought!

Ok well it's not yet established that a zombie will have the ability to use a weapon but just in case remember.

Have a great weekend and don't get bit!

Miss K

Friday, 5 October 2012

Zombie survival skincare!

Ok there has been some chatter amongst fellow zombie enthusiasts in regards to having a zombie apocalypse preparedness kit or survival kit ready to go when it all starts to go down. This has caused me to ponder on what I would include in my kit. Of course there is the obvious items, water, non-perishable food, matches etc. but a girl still wants to look her best even in the face of extinction. Space will obviously be an issue as the kit may have to be carried on foot when fleeing from the hungry hoards so beauty items must be selected very carefully and multipurpose use will be an absolute must. So the first thing that comes to mind that is fit for purpose is original Nivea Creme! Women have been using this cream for generations so I figure that we should at least have a sample when we rebuild the new world!


It can be used in many ways so here are a few tips to save your skin when the time comes:

 As a moisturiser: Of course this is the obvious but you can use it on both the body and face and a little goes a long way, great also for protecting your skin from the harsh elements when your forced to spend a lot of times outdoors which seems to be the case for survivors. It is also great for soothing both sun and wind burn.

As a cleanser - to get all that grime of your face and the occasional blood spatter, when you may not be near running water is going to be tricky. Smother this stuff over your face and then wipe off with a flannel or cotton pads whatever is on hand, and you will have clean silky soft skin after! This may not be for everyone, like those of you that like that scrubbed clean feeling but hello, it is the end of the world!

 As a leave on facemask – the stress of surviving in the new world is going to take it’s toll so spread a thick layer of cream over your face and just leave it to do its work! In the morning you will wake up with glowing soft skin.

 As an eye cream – A purpose eye cream is going to be a luxury that is just not going to be feasible post apocalypse and lack of sleep due to keeping watch at night means tired puffy eyes and dark circles, so just dab Nivea carefully around the eye area and hey presto, good bye crow’s feet and dark circles.

 Another benefit is that you can buy this buy this stuff everywhere, supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores etc. so it will be easy to find on supply raids!!

Till next time

Miss K


Monday, 1 October 2012

A few months ago I started watching The Walking Dead ( a late comer I know)  and this seems to have lead from one thing to another and now after my 8th zombie novel I am in full blown zombie obsession. I just find the whole concept fascinating, the whole breakdown of a society; the moral decisions faced in order to survive etc. (believe me I could go on and on). But I also love pretty clothes, tattoos, shoes, anything related to a woodland creatures and pretty much anything pretty with a touch of whimsy. So after annoying all my colleagues, my partner and friends with my constant zombie apocalypse musings, I thought why not channel all of these loves into a single creative outlet and blog!!
So here I am, and well, it could at times get a bit weird, but I also think it will be lots of fun! So join me as I share my ramblings on the zombies, survival, frocks, shoes and many random things!

Miss K