Monday, 7 January 2013

Love is in the air!

Well after a week back at my day job my Christmas break feels like a distant memory, but I can’t complain because today is my last day  and I am off for the rest of the month!! Miss K is very soon about to become a Mrs! Yes that’s right; I am heading off to get hitched!!

Getting married might seem to be quite optimistic for someone who is obsessed with preparing for the end but I figure if things go wrong it will look something like this...

Besides,  Mr K has pretty impressive upper body strength and he is pretty cute so in an apocalyptic world that makes him a pretty good catch in my eyes.

So I will be taking a break from technology and spending a few weeks at the beach with my new husband, drinking cocktails, swimming and reading a great deal of zombie fiction no doubt, my Kobo is packed full of zombie holiday reading.

But never fear BZF headquarters will be still be manned with Mr Vitamin G heading things up while I am on my break. I am sure ihe has been spending his holidays coming up with loads of killer content so make sure you come and see what he has to say!! I will be back in February refreshed and rearing to go for a huge year of zombie blogging and not to mention the return of The Walking Dead from the mid-season break (what was that about anyway).
So take care and try not to turn before I get back

Miss K

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