Thursday, 3 January 2013

It's 2013!

A huge happy new year from the BZF team, I hope you all enjoyed your much needed holiday break; all the build up for the end of the world was a tad exhausting!

I took the opportunity on my holidays to keep on those bushes camping survival skills and headed to the bush with Mr K for a few nights of camping.

After lessons learnt on our first camping trip we this time selected a spot still close to running water but further away from the highway, we all know highways will mean bad news when it all starts going down.

                                                    Camp site

I feel I really stepped it up this time and got out of my comfort zone by washing my hair in the river, oh and even my knickers too. There is just no need for personals hygiene to go out the window just because you have to survive in the wilderness.

                                                   Fresh from the river bath, someone get me a hair dryer stat!

All was going well until not long after midnight on new year’s when some of the other…shall we say ‘questionable’ residents of the camping grounds, second bottle of bourbon for the day seemed to kick in and things went a little crazy.

First they threatened to set their giant and rather mean looking hunting dog on us for allegedly clapping, needless to say we were not, party animals that we are we headed for our sleeping bags at exactly 12.01am!! Not much longer after there was a pretty awful incident where a woman was getting physically assaulted by one of the male campers, but thankfully others intervened and made sure she was safe, but it was pretty scary and upsetting. We certainly don’t condone any type of violence against women here at BZF, unless of course they are the undead and going to eat you.

As a result early the next morning we packed up and high tailed it out of there, and had to go for pancakes to recover from a rather sleepless night waiting to be murdered in our beds, but still all good preparation for fighting for survival in the new world, where not only zombies but other humans will be the enemy.

How did you all spend your break?

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