Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday thoughts!

Well it's less then an hour till midnight and there is no sign of any zombie activity outside and we are not feeling at all feverish with the zombie plague. Hopefully this means that we have a bit more time and all get to enjoy a zombie free Christmas with friends and family.

It's been a busy few months since we entered the zombie blogging world, so we here at BZF headquarters will be taking a well  earned break and be returning in the new year bigger and better, with lots of great content and some exciting new things. We want to thank all of our followers and readers for your support in 2012 and in the event it does all go to hell in the wee hours, hope you have all taken on board some of the tips we have shared.

So Merry Christmas and if we make it have a great new year, oh and don't get bit!!

Miss K

Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday thought - survival do's and don't

Ok given that BZF has been a bit neglected this week and with the end of  world still looming I thought I should share some do’s and don’ts on how to survive the zombie apocalypse whilst maintaining some sense of style so….
Do make a booking at the hair dresses, been worried about having to endure you natural colour growing through, we'll try balayage! This will make it look like you two tone hair in on purpose!
Don’t wear peplums! Now I know this one might be hard to let go, we all love the stylish flair that a peplum gives to our figures but.. that stylish flair is yet another thing for a zombie to latch onto.
Do get your Lara Croft tomb raider on, now I know deep down inside every girl wants to channel Lara so here is your chance to do so and kick some zombie ass! Think boots and wet look leggings teamed with a fitted jacket.
Don’t wear bright colours. This is no time for colour blocking, you don’t want to sneaking around on supply runs wearing bright fuchsia and cobalt, as stunning a combination as it is, but hello zombie dinner bell.
Do stock up on animal print and neutrals for a stylish alternative to camo gear. I have blogged about this before but I can't really stress this one enough, oh and I love leopard print.
Don't wear stilettos! This is fairly self explanatory!
Do stockpile multipurpose beauty items, you may have to pack light and move fast so will get bogged down if you try and lug around your whole makeup collection. Try a lip and cheek tint, you can even use some as an eye shadow as well, check back soon some reviews soon.

Ok that's is for now! I must go and stocktake my canned goods.

Miss K

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Zombie Pranks!

With the silly season well and truly upon us, what better way to celebrate than with some hilarious zombie prank videos!  I can’t deny that I love pulling off a good prank,  just ask a friend of mine from work!  I have caught her out many times and she always responds with plenty of colourful profanity but secretly I know she loves it.  Enjoy!!

A not so friendly Zombie invades Melbourne:

Ever feel like your daily work routine transforms you into a Zombie?  Check out this New York social experiment:

This prank is making me a big fan of the drive-thru prank scenario:


Slightly disturbing and all kinds of wrong, but at least these Japanese youngsters will be Zombie prepared after this prank:
Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday thought but on Saturday!

So the world didn't end on 6 December so we live to see another day, but don't think the threat of a zombie uprising has passed!! Keep working on those survival plans and stockpiling hair dye.

Have a great weekend.

Miss K

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The end is near

Ok so according to the Mayans the end is very near. There seems to be a number of different theories on the actual date, with calculations having to take into account the changeover of the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, leap years etc..I have seen a few different dates thrown around, some say it would have happened in September, oops, some 6 or 23 December 2012 but the most popular one seems to be 21 December 2012. So this begs the questions, is the zombie uprising almost upon us and do you have your survival plan in order?
Are you going to stay and fortify your home and wait it out, or head to a less populated area? Is your car packed and ready to go with camping gear, supplies and as much leopard print as you can throw together?  Have you booked in yet for that pixie cut? Have you been stockpiling Nivea crème and your favourite hair dye? I don’t know about you but if I am dealing with the terrors of a post-apocalyptic wasteland then I am not dealing with bad regrowth too!!
These are all important questions that must be asked in times like these, next week I will share in more detail what the survival plan is for the BZF team. Well that is if we actually make it till next week.

Stay vigilant and stockpile those canned goods, like…NOW.

Miss K