Friday, 31 May 2013

Saturday thought!

I am one of those unfortunate people that seems to be prone to respitory infections, so each year I diligently go off for my flu shot so I am not at risk of any complications, but after having one foot firmly planted in the zombie sub culture for the past 12 months I have to admit This year I did think twice! 

I mean, how many tales of zombie outbreaks start with a flu shot....a lot, so the eve of my shot my mind was racing 100 miles a minute. Could I be ground zero for the zombie apocalypse!! What if I was the one that had some dormant virus or bacteria laying deep in my cells that mixed with the flu shot could mutate and BAM, hello zombie, and I wake up the next day ready to eat my poor unsuspecting husband! I did have a pretty nasty cold at the time and who knows how that virus would mix, maybe that's the exact reason they ask you if you are well before they give the shot.

This lead me to many other questions, what kind of zombie would I be? Traditional...super, who knows and is the BZF team really prepared? Would they have what it takes to take down their fearless leader and save all mankind? What should I wear to my shot? I mean it does not seem like zombies really get much of a chance to change or update their wardrobe so whatever I wore would be it for the long haul, and who wants to be stuck in a poorly thought out outfit or something that keeps riding up?? 

Needless to say that after a sleepless zombie dream filled night my headcold ramped up  and the next day and I had to leave work before the shot could be administered. I have not rescheduled my shot,  I am firm believer of fate so I have got to believe I missed that shot for a reason. So for now I can rest easy knowing that yes I may get a few chest infections or tonsillitis this year but I have saved the world from certain disaster!

So think twice about your shot and if others turn then don't get bit

Mrs K

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Well BZF fans, it’s time I come clean and tell you about my dark past.  Truth be told, approximately seven years ago I was transformed into a zombie!!!  Little did I know that this turning would lead to a permanent position here at BZF Head Quarters talking about all things zombie!

The photo below was published in the local paper and was the creation of a good mate of mine who has worked on a few big budget films as lead special effects make-up master.  Naturally when he asked me to model for a workshop he was running at a local film festival, I was ready to get my zombie makeover and terrify my niece when visiting for dinner.  So do you guys think I make a decent zombie?  Do you think I would be boyfriend material for Cheryl The Zombie?  One can only hope, but it was a cool process to be a part of even if my turning only took the good part of 2 hours!

Bite You Later

Mr Vitamin G

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Apolcalypse Hal - Weaponology

For some people the subject of guns is very controversial. So in handling this sensitive topic we have thrown in a couple of really bad puns, a My Little Pony and some naked female flesh. You have been warned (or enticed).

Mum - look away now!

I gather slingshots are still legal in some states, like Queensland, lucky buggers.

Bite of more than you can chew - (but don't bite the bullet!)

Mr Rimsky

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Will You Be Affected?

Hello friends, my last post highlighted the cultural/human element that has been more prevalent in zombie movies of recent times.  Continuing with this theme, I would like direct your attention to a little Aussie gem called ‘Cargo’.  Cargo is a short film that was entered into this year’s Tropfest and focuses on the dynamic of the family unit and the complications faced in a zombie apocalypse.

I don’t want to say too much more, but I will give you a warning that in a very short space of time, I found myself being quite moved and dare I say emotional, as Cargo effortlessly puts you in the middle of a scenario that that would make even the most brave tremble just a little.

Bite You Later

Mr Vitamin G

PS Thank goodness for seat belts...

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Apocalypse Hal - Survival Cards 1

Prepping your zombie apocalypse survival kits?

Knowing what to do is handy but carrying a survival book is impractical. So what about a bunch of flash cards to help jog your memory when being chased by hordes of the slobbering undead?

Follow the instruction on this week's issue to create your own survival cards. This is standard survival stuff so useful for any natural (or unnatural) disaster. There will be a set of zombie cards later. Of course feel free to design you own versions.

If you don't know that the prusik knot is, you can use it to climb ropes. When I was a teenager I marveled at James Bond using his shoelaces and the prusik knot to climb a mountain in  
For your eyes only. (They must have been special MI5 issue shoelaces cause mine break!)

Bite of more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Saturday thought!

Looking for something to satisfy your zombie cravings this weekend, try this little guy. Zombie lollipops from ThinkGeek

Enjoy your sugar and don't get bit

Mrs K

Friday, 17 May 2013

Cultured Zombies?

Greetings friends, in previous blogs I have mentioned that the zombie wave of popularity continues to rise.  Despite this, buzz has been circulating recently that this beloved genre is running out of steam and is suffering from over exposure.  Whatever!!  Proving this theory wrong are the Ford brothers, directors of ‘The Dead’ and their sequel ‘The Dead 2: India’.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with these titles, allow me to enlighten you.  The Dead follows Lt Brian Murphy as he struggles to survive across a plagued African landscape.  On his journey He encounters a local military officer Daniel Dembele and the pair must put their political differences aside and work together as they attempt to avoid the undead.
As a stand alone film The Dead presents much more than your expected plot points for this particular genre.  The idea of blending cultural aspects against the horror of a zombie apocalypse is a fresh and welcomed approach, as we the audience question if the human race could rid themselves of any prejudice in order to survive.
After receiving such a positive response from the first film, the Ford brothers have returned with a sequel that builds on the same themes of the first.  This time around we are introduced to an interracial couple (American guy and an Indian girl) and a very disapproving father, as the undead ravage the streets of India.  Our love struck hero must make his way to his beloved, as she not only battles unfriendly zombies but also her cranky father!
The Ford brothers have taken such a unique targeted approach to the humble zombie film that audiences walk away with more than just a few frights.  Make sure you check out the trailers for both films below.



Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Apocalypse Hal - DisasterChef

Dining during a zombie apocalypse is no reason to lower your standards. Remember to use a napkin and hold your cutlery correctly.

As I tell everyone, my weed choked, overgrown lawn is really a survival garden. It has nothing to do with being lazy.

Of course if you plan to eat wild plants, carefully check out that you have picked the right ones. Same with the snails. There is lot of recipes and information on the web so do your research!

Bite of more snail than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Friday, 10 May 2013

Saturday thought! Bad day at the office?

Had a bad day at the office?

Zombies cure that!

Bite of more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

K-Pop Zombies!!

Hello friends, you may not be aware, but I am a rather huge fan of Korean Pop music, otherwise known as K-Pop.  Before you say it was Psy and his sexy dance moves that got me hooked, well let me stop you right there!  I’ve been enjoying the K-Pop sound for about 3 years now and have enjoyed seeing this genre grow in popularity.
Now what do zombies have to do with K-Pop you may ask?  With competition increasing amongst the endless supply of Korean musicians, it is becoming difficult for these all dancing, all singing superstars to stand out in the crowd – enter stage right onto the music video set, our K-Pop zombies!!
4 Minute is a gorgeous five piece girl group who are rudely interrupted in their music video by some of the trendiest zombies you will ever see!  Thankfully the girls are not ripped apart and eaten alive and the zombies agree to settle as back up dancers.  If this is your first taste of K-Pop then check out the video below:

Now this wouldn’t be the music industry if there wasn’t some kind of overblown drama on this subject matter.  Believe it or not, 4 Minute have been accused of stealing the use of zombies in their video from rival girl band T-ARA!!!  To get things straight, T-ARA did shoot their video with zombies before 4 Minute, however the videos aren’t really comparable.  In the T-ARA video the girls are intent on teasing the zombies by continuing to perform their appealing routines behind cages while the zombies drool and reach out in desperation to eat these Korean hotties.  You can see what the scandal is about with T-ARA’s music video below:

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Apocalypse Hal - Badass Bandannas

Cool bandannas!

It may be way early but don't forget Canteen's National Bandanna Day in late October. You can even download an app and design your own bandanna - so there is no excuse for not creating your own custom zombie apocalypse bandanna! You'll be raising money for charity too, so a big win/win.

Bite of more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky