Friday, 14 June 2013

DIY Zombie wallet

Here's my customised zombie wallet survival kit!

And some details on how I created it.

It struck me that a wallet was a pretty handy way to carry things so I bought a cheap fabric wallet and went to work.

By sewing across the wallet were it folds I turned the money slot into three smaller pockets. Each the perfect size for a ziplock bag. So I made three kits:
- medicine kit - alcohol wipe, razor blade, painkillers, cotton wool, heavy duty band aids etc
- snare kit - fishing line, hooks, snares, wire, etc
- tool kit - duct tape, hack saw blade, string, needles and thread, magneto file for sharpening knives etc

In the other pockets and slots there is a mini cigarette lighter, small pen knife, whistle, information cards and money. I picked up a Munkees compass, thermometer and mini LED light combo for $10 and cable tied it to the back of the wallet. Then added a spare karabiner. 

I found an iron-on zombie patch and some cool zombie pins at a local store so added for some bling. Also designed a label to fit in the clear plastic pocket.

So it's a bit too fat for the hip pocket but is okay for an inside jacket pocket or clipping to your belt or backpack. I saw some interesting travelers wallets that fit under your arm. It is easy enough to rig this up with some paracord. And of course there are those money belts for travelers too. Both offer possibilities.

Mmm maybe I should get the sewing machine out?

Bite of more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

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