Saturday, 8 June 2013

What's in Mrs K's apocalyptic makeup bag

Ok this post could be considered a little indulgent but I do have one impractical love that I am just not willing to let go of in the zombie uprising....shower gel! Yes I know it's ridiculous and that the chance to regularly showing is not part of traditional survival activities but I feel they will play a very important part in my resilience and mental health when we are all left with a world full of horrors. For me jumpingin the  shower and lathering up is not just a every day repetitive task but more of a ritual. The fragrance of my chosen gel for the day connects me to different memories, places and people and put simply just makes me feel happy, so I ask who will still not want to have that connection when your whole world has been ripped about, you get separated from family and friends and someone is trying to eat you on a daily basis!

So here is what I have got currently on the go in my shower. I am a Body Shop devotee from way back so no surprises that is where most of these come from. First up is the Hemp body wash body wash, this has a light earthy fragrance but its appeal is that It seems to coat you in blanket of moisture which is a dose of mega comfort for dry irritated survival skin. Then we have the  Pink grapefruit which smells divine and instantly takes me back to all my favourite summer holidays. I also have this in a cheaper version just from the grocery store, which also does the trick. Finally for the Body Shop is the Strawberry it's a very sweet smell and probably not something I would choose but Mr K gave it to me for Christmas so I tend to use it when we are apart for any reason because it reminds me of him and all his amazingness, which will be important if he gets eaten first! Now to the holy grail of shower gels, expensive and indulgent and it's the one I always reach for when I'm tired, grumpy and stressed and need a big dose of happy thoughts, Mor's marshmallow shower and hand gel, the smell is rich and amazing and and it instantly takes me back to my happiest childhood memories, like birthday party's, pyjama days with mugs of hot chocolate, picnics and the list goes on.

I will be making sure that at least a couple of these fit into my survival pack, I am sure they will work just as well in a bucket!!

Find your comfort product for the zombie apocalypse and don't get bit.

Mrs K


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