Thursday, 20 June 2013

Zombie Shorts

Greetings BZF fans, from the title I suppose you think I am about to share with you the latest fashion trend in Hotpants – sadly no.  I am however going to share with you some Zombie short films hand selected by yours truly.

This fine selection ranges from the ‘not bad’ to the ‘sooooo bad’ and are enjoyable for different reasons but still manage to entertain!
2 Hours is an award winning short film, focusing on a guy who is bitten but only has two hours to find other survivors so he can receive treatment and avoid turning into Amanda Bynes – I mean a zombie (not sure which is more terrifying).
Heralding from the UK, Prey takes a realistic look at what it would be like for everyday people to survive a zombie apocalypse and fellow survivors. 
Fear of the Living Dead, takes more than just the cake as we witness a wannabe Lara Croft mixed with an underperforming version of Resident Evil’s Alice in this hilarious mess of bad acting, terrible script writing and the most unusual use of a paint brush I have ever seen.  An absolute must for those with an absurd sense of humour.
I have saved the best for last with Holdout.  A very cleverly crafted short film with excellent cinematography, likeable characters and some hilarious one liners.  This short film is definitely worth checking out!!


Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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