Saturday, 8 June 2013

Apocalypse Hal - Zombie wallets

Okay so this isn't about the latest fashion wallets for zombies.

By the way the camo wallet advice is based an a true story. When camping with my high school friends years ago, Haggis dropped his camo wallet and sure enough it stayed hidden despite all our searching.

Bite of more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky


  1. Maybe you could post a more girlie type of wallet. Like a miss kitty or a scifi based one with a tardis or serenity from firefly. you seem to post primarily to the male of the zombie fleeing species.

  2. how about doing some survival gear with a girlie twist maybe some hello kitty? or for the scifi females some dr who or firefly? Maybe you could team up with Mrs K in some female zombie fleeing survival gear??? just a thought..

  3. Well I flunked fashion at school, but I'll see what I can do. I'm sure no one will think it strange if I start shopping for handbags.