Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Who is Cheryl the Zombie?

Greetings friends, it is with great pride that I introduce Cheryl the Zombie!  Who is she you may ask??  Last year for Christmas I decided to bless my colleagues with a mixed CD full of jumping party tracks for the holiday season, cheesy I know but that’s me!
With BZF as my inspiration I introduced a host for the compilation and thus Cheryl the Zombie was born!  Cheryl is busy undergoing her final makeover, with final touch ups from Mr Rimsky and trusted tips from Mrs K.  So before her grand unveiling, let me slide you some tasty tid-bits about this undead force of nature.
Despite being a zombie Cheryl likes to rock out in style, even if it’s with a second hand $9 K-Mart slip dress that she pulled out of a dumpster.  Her rotting flesh is no reason not to keep her high end make-up bag stocked with Maybelline and Chanel to maintain her glamorous appearance.  She loves spinning her favourite club bangers at any trendy night spot whether the venue is packed with fellow zombies or terrified survivors – she always likes to party hard!
Stay tuned for the big reveal when you get to meet the new Kim Kardashian of the zombie world as she shares her compilation CD’s (that’s right, volume 3 is almost ready to drop) with BZF fans across the world!!
Bite you later
Mr Vitamin G

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