Friday, 8 March 2013

Mega Friday thought! Welcome to the BZF bunker

I thought it was time to give you a proper introduction to the team, so here goes:
Mrs K, the creator and Editor in Chief of ‘For the love of bunnies, zombies and frocks’ has always had an affinity with dark and strange. There was that witchcraft stint in her teens, followed by a vampire obsession that carried her well into her early 30’s. One cold rainy weekend she discovered The Walking Dead and a new obsession was born. The blog was the result from her incessant need to talk all things zombie such as what would she wear in the the coming of the  zombie apocalypse, what would she do about regrowth, what shoes to pack in the event of an evacuation etc.. She decided that she needed an outlet for all these thoughts rather than annoying her colleagues. When she is not blogging or thinking about surviving  without sacrifice to style she can be found online shopping for frocks, reading, ‘thinking’ about baking and planning her next tattoo. Mrs K started her career in opertaions but about 7 years ago stumbled into the world of communications and a new career path was put in motion. She is now trying to forge her way in the world as a communications professional. She lives in a cozy apartment with her husband and Zeus the Bengal kitten.

Mr Vitamin G, is BZF’s Pop Culture Guru, here to bring you all things entertainment!  In his early teens he became a huge fan of horror movies and developed a soft spot for B movies.  His daily dietary requirements include moderate servings of trash TV, bass heavy music, Youtube funnies (you forgot the blueberries is his fav) and spending way too much time looking up useless information on Wikipedia.  He is scared of spiders and Jackie Stallone (seriously google images on that stat) and loves keeping fit (just in case he has to outrun a horde).  Mr Vitamin G is a Communications graduate, Engaged as of 2012, proud uncle of 5 and most importantly a BZF blogger!!

MrRimsky  is BZF’s Artist in Residence is a frustrated artist who yearns to paint as good as Raphael (or any of the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for that matter). He has had a lifelong passion for comics (of the non superhero kind) and fantasy art (of the naked woman with big butts kind). He is happy to hack out anything that interests him using a smorgasbord of styles, techniques and influences. He could be pushing artistic boundaries or he could be an idiot. Oh and he prefers his zombies to be of the old school, shuffling, brain craving kind.Mr Rimsky completed an associate diploma in graphic design way back when floppy disks were cutting edge technology. His varied employment has included biologist, patent examiner, publication manager and general dog's body. Currently residing in Canberra were he juggles a full time job, a family and his artistic ambitions.  He is lousy at juggling.  And he bites off more than he can chew.

Miss Sugar $ Spice is BZF’s Guide to Gourmet Cuisine during the zombie apocalypse, and all things nice, and the newest member of the team. She is an avid traveller and aspiring writer. She will be sharing her best culinary secrets to prove that you don't need to sacrifice good taste even when the end is nigh. She lives with her finance and when not writing, travelling or researching food ideas for the apocalypse she can be found drinking a few  ciders and belting out karaoke tunes in her lounge room. Her motto is ‘Eat well, don't get eaten’.

So that is us, so follow the blog and join us in the BZF bunker to survive the impending doom in style. Oh and don’t get bit!!
 Mrs K

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