Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday thought - Attack of the Bunnies!!

At this time of year we all get excited as the Easter Bunny makes his rounds delivering copious amounts of delicious chocolate.  Bunnies of course are highly regarded here at BZF and we felt it was time that these cute little creatures received some well deserved attention.

I came across a 1972 horror flick called Night of the Lepus starring none other than Psycho’s Janet Leigh.  This hot mess of film takes our cuddly little friends and turns them into giant mutated roaring (yes roaring) killing machines!  Impressed?  Don’t be, every aspect of this film is so appalling that it almost becomes enjoyable.  These genetically modified blood soaked Bunnies attack anything that moves from small children, horses, dogs and trucks.  But what really takes the cake is when a human is being mauled by these ravenous ‘monsters’ it is quite clearly a human in a furry suit delivering a backhand to the face or scratching their chest cavity open.

Best viewed after a good wine or 7, Night of the Lepus is memorable for all the wrong reasons and is screaming for a Hollywood do-over, roaring Bunnies anyone? 
Bite you later
Mr Vitamin G

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