Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Where it all began.....

It’s clear to see that zombies are proving to be more than a passing craze and this splat-tastic sub genre is comfortably standing on its own two rotting legs.  But when did our obsession with the humble zombie begin?  Who do we have to thank for this phenomenon?  You guessed it, the Zombie Godfather himself Mr George A Romero.

Now I know many of you have seen countless incarnations of zombie movies from ‘Zombie Strippers’ to ‘Stag Night of the Dead’ – some worth seeing and some you should avoid like Tori Spellings plastic surgeon.  The Night of the Living Dead, released way back in 1968 was ground breaking for its time.  Heavily criticised for its explicit content, four sequels have since been released sprawling over five decades and at the same time has inspired a generation of film makers to add in their own twist.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend hunting down Romero’s dead collection.  There is always a point to be made or subliminal social commentary weaved into the background of his films.  Amazon UK has a boxset available but it is missing the latest entry Survival of the Dead, or you can rent them out from your local dvd store.    Either way it’s a treat to see where all the madness began!

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Mr Vitamin G

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