Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello Friends

Mr Vitamin G here, just a quick post to introduce myself as the newest member of the ‘For the Love of Bunnies Zombies and Frocks’ team. First of all I want to thank Miss K for raising the hard hitting issues surrounding the pending zombie apocalypse and the importance of fashion when surviving such an event. I also think bunnies can be pretty damn cute when they haven't been ripped open for a gizzard sandwich by a woodland dwelling zombie.

So an insight into my future musings here as we journey down the highways filled with broken down cars. I will be bringing you a blood soaked serve of pop culture with a twist. We can all agree that The Walking Dead has brought the idea of surviving in a dystopian society back to the forefront and Hollywood is going absolutely gangbusters with this concept. It is amongst this feeding frenzy that I will be bringing you the latest and greatest tasty treats from movies to music and everything else in between!!!

bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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