Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Apocalyptic hair stylin’

Always wanted to be brave and try a pixie cut? Well the zombie apocalypse would be the perfect time to try this style out. I mean think about it, long luxurious locks may be all well and good at the moment, but when the rising starts to go down, said locks could be the difference between surviving and being dragged into the rancid gnashing teeth of your now undead next door neighbour by your fashionable pony tail or top knot!! Are you willing to take that risk??
Also once in survival mode when the power and hot water are all cut how will you care for your once glorious mane?? A pixie cut requires product to give it texture and prevent it from looking like a hair hat, and what works better than any product then 2nd, 3rd, or 28 day hair!! You will be rocking texture like there is no tomorrow (literally).
So what are you more scared of, zombies or going for the chop??

So make that appointment girls and don't get bit!

Till next time.

Miss K

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