Monday, 5 November 2012

Camping survival style

On the weekend I agreed to go camping with Mr K as I decided it was time to brush up on my bush survival skills for the impending 'event'. Now Mr K is not a true believer of the zombie apocalypse and scoffs at me for over stocking the pantry with non perishables and my strict home security rules, but he is an avid camper and has the upper body strength to wield an axe through a zombie skull if it came to it.

So we chose a spot about one hour out of our city, close enough for supply runs but far enough away from the hungry hoards of city infected. Our camp site was slightly elevated and in the centre of the camp area and had sight lines for all angles. It did have some facilities which where questionable but hey better then a shovel, and was on the river so plenty of access to fresh running water.  All round it would be a great spot to set up a survival camp except for one major draw back, it's quite close to the highway which we all know when it all goes down will be chocked full of abandoned cars and walking corpses.  Perhaps we did not have to forage for our own food  and did a quick grocery ron on the way out, oh and purchased our fire wood from the petrol station and took the iPod, but hey you have to start somewhere!!

I did learn a few valuable lessons such as how to finally skip a rock across the water (well making your own entertainment will be important once everything is lost), how to make and cook over a fire and that when mirrors are not in the equation my care factor of how I look is reduced!

                                                   The camp site
                                                   We love camping!
                                                   Dinner survival style
                                                   The facilities!
                                                   The highway
                                                   The view

Overall it was a fun weekend and I would be happy to spend some more weekends developing my survival skills out in the wilds of the Australian bush. I actualy came home really relaxed but I did seem to either catch a cold or the zombie virus, I guess I will find out soon enough.

So what have you been doing to start develping some of those skills that will help you survive?

Till next tme, stay safe and don't get bit!

Miss K

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  1. I have to agree that camping is a great way to get accustomed to the outdoors. The last time I went camping my dad thought that he would do some off-road volvo driving which resulted in some damage to the under-carriage of the car. We also didn't catch any fish. He also snored all night, or was it a hungry zombie desiring my frightened flesh??

    Either way, your advice is giving me the realisation that I am grossly under prepared, HELP!!!!