Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a fun Halloween yesterday. In recent years Halloween has started to really take off here in Australia and I for one am on board! This is probably not that surprising for someone who has a zombie blog.

Of course there are the haters out there who say it's too commercial, it's not our tradition blah blah blah but they seem happy enough to jump on board with Valentines day and St Pats day and who cares, it's fun, lets make it part of our tradition and celebrate with family and friends. I mean how many chances do we get as adults to play dress ups? Sales for Halloween merchandise were up 30% from last year and I would say this trend will continue to grow and Halloween will be here to stay in Oz (sorry haters). It is fast becoming one of my favourite holidays, so here is a peak at my Halloween for 2012.

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