Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Catching up!

Last week I finally got to catch up on the first 2 episodes of The Walking Dead. We get it 30 hours behind the States and some of my work mates had planned to have a little launch part to commemorate the series return. Alas with our busy schedules we couldn't do it in first week so instead decided to make it a 2 episode event. We all got into the spirit and dressed up; there was Dale and Glen, a few bite victims possibly on the turn, some that had already succumbed to the virus and one rather huge and very real hunting knife!! I turned up as bite victim, which practically was the case as I survived a magpie swooping attack on the way!! We feasted on pizza and eyeball punch and all agreed that season 3 delivered all we hoped, with a few more shocking moments then we bargained for!!

 Mr Vitamin G  - he didn't make it!! Unfortunatly he is also my PR guy so I wonder what will happen to my readership!

Well I now have episode 3 in my hot little hand so I am off to see what happens next , stay safe and don't get bit.

Miss K

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  1. I have to say season 3 has certainly stepped up the 'shock' factor - this was demonstrated by Miss K, whose jaw dropped to the ground when Rick decided to bring the bad - you all know what I mean.

    I must also thank Nicole for being the hostess with the mostess and letting zombies invade her pad for such a worthy cause!! Thanks also to Miss K for gracing us with her fabulous fashion and expert advice!!!

    DISCLAIMER: No bunnies were harmed, maimed, chewed on or dressed up inapropriately at the season 3 launch party...