Monday, 1 October 2012

A few months ago I started watching The Walking Dead ( a late comer I know)  and this seems to have lead from one thing to another and now after my 8th zombie novel I am in full blown zombie obsession. I just find the whole concept fascinating, the whole breakdown of a society; the moral decisions faced in order to survive etc. (believe me I could go on and on). But I also love pretty clothes, tattoos, shoes, anything related to a woodland creatures and pretty much anything pretty with a touch of whimsy. So after annoying all my colleagues, my partner and friends with my constant zombie apocalypse musings, I thought why not channel all of these loves into a single creative outlet and blog!!
So here I am, and well, it could at times get a bit weird, but I also think it will be lots of fun! So join me as I share my ramblings on the zombies, survival, frocks, shoes and many random things!

Miss K

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  1. I too am a late comer to The Walking Dead. What was wrong with me?? Moving forward, the concept of a Zombie Apocalypse also fascinates me. What would I do if this really happened? Am I prepared in the slightest?? Would I dress in sensible survival attire or in clothes which would impress my fellow survivors?? The questions are endless and fun to discuss, although I am very tempted to create my very own Zombie survival kit........Just in case!