Friday, 5 October 2012

Zombie survival skincare!

Ok there has been some chatter amongst fellow zombie enthusiasts in regards to having a zombie apocalypse preparedness kit or survival kit ready to go when it all starts to go down. This has caused me to ponder on what I would include in my kit. Of course there is the obvious items, water, non-perishable food, matches etc. but a girl still wants to look her best even in the face of extinction. Space will obviously be an issue as the kit may have to be carried on foot when fleeing from the hungry hoards so beauty items must be selected very carefully and multipurpose use will be an absolute must. So the first thing that comes to mind that is fit for purpose is original Nivea Creme! Women have been using this cream for generations so I figure that we should at least have a sample when we rebuild the new world!


It can be used in many ways so here are a few tips to save your skin when the time comes:

 As a moisturiser: Of course this is the obvious but you can use it on both the body and face and a little goes a long way, great also for protecting your skin from the harsh elements when your forced to spend a lot of times outdoors which seems to be the case for survivors. It is also great for soothing both sun and wind burn.

As a cleanser - to get all that grime of your face and the occasional blood spatter, when you may not be near running water is going to be tricky. Smother this stuff over your face and then wipe off with a flannel or cotton pads whatever is on hand, and you will have clean silky soft skin after! This may not be for everyone, like those of you that like that scrubbed clean feeling but hello, it is the end of the world!

 As a leave on facemask – the stress of surviving in the new world is going to take it’s toll so spread a thick layer of cream over your face and just leave it to do its work! In the morning you will wake up with glowing soft skin.

 As an eye cream – A purpose eye cream is going to be a luxury that is just not going to be feasible post apocalypse and lack of sleep due to keeping watch at night means tired puffy eyes and dark circles, so just dab Nivea carefully around the eye area and hey presto, good bye crow’s feet and dark circles.

 Another benefit is that you can buy this buy this stuff everywhere, supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores etc. so it will be easy to find on supply raids!!

Till next time

Miss K



  1. Good call Miss K, I wouldn't want to be running around with sun burnt skin, afterall wouldn't the smell of burning flesh attract the Zombies?? I do have one question though, yes it is a necessity to have fabulous skin in a post apocalyptic world, but how might the Nivea skin cream be used as a weapon? I'm not sure the cream itself would do much damage but perhaps the tub could be used as a bludgeoning weapon??

  2. Well I am not sure if you could kill a zombie with it, but a large tub of nivea creme hurled at a zombies head would be enough to slow it down to give you time to flee!! Perhaps turning everyday beauty items into weapons can be explored in another post.