Monday, 22 October 2012

Prints for the apocalypse

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Mr K convinced me to buy a leopard print frock. I do have a few leopard print accessories but have never really been brave enough to take the plunge into all over print. 
Anyway plunge I did (he was paying) and this new addition to my wardrobe got me thinking… a leopard print frock is perfect attire for surviving the zombie apocalypse!! I mean leopards have those amazing pelts for a reason; it’s the ultimate in nature camouflage!! Now traditional camo is not for everyone, but a leopard print frock would make the perfect replacement. Imagine how you will be able to blend into the surroundings when hiding out in the woods with fellow survivors when a few rouge zombies come wandering through your camp. Ok so there is the issue of still smelling like a living zombie meal. Perhaps someone like Demeter Fragrance can release a 'dead' scent and then you will be practically invisible in the eyes of the zombie!! And if the worse does come to pass and you do get bitten… well at least you will be a well dressed on trend dead person!!

Dress from Lilly and Lou
Necklace from Disney Couture
Silly pose from me

Till next time

Miss K

1 comment:

  1. Never had I considered the importance of survival fashion. I am certainly impressed by your choice of animal print camouflage!!! Looking fabulous and at the same time thwarting the dead - genius!! Looking great while un-dead - genius!!!

    I like the idea of a dead scent, but what about dead scent accessories??? Fragrant bangles, Zombie smell petticoats, un-dead hair bands, Converse corpse edition, rotting flesh scented belts (also a great weapon) and my fave.....Dead Smell Knuckle Dusters!!!! Lets face it, if you're going to have a little fisty cuffs with a flesh crazed zombie, you want to be able to smack that sally around like you mean it!!!