Friday, 31 May 2013

Saturday thought!

I am one of those unfortunate people that seems to be prone to respitory infections, so each year I diligently go off for my flu shot so I am not at risk of any complications, but after having one foot firmly planted in the zombie sub culture for the past 12 months I have to admit This year I did think twice! 

I mean, how many tales of zombie outbreaks start with a flu shot....a lot, so the eve of my shot my mind was racing 100 miles a minute. Could I be ground zero for the zombie apocalypse!! What if I was the one that had some dormant virus or bacteria laying deep in my cells that mixed with the flu shot could mutate and BAM, hello zombie, and I wake up the next day ready to eat my poor unsuspecting husband! I did have a pretty nasty cold at the time and who knows how that virus would mix, maybe that's the exact reason they ask you if you are well before they give the shot.

This lead me to many other questions, what kind of zombie would I be? Traditional...super, who knows and is the BZF team really prepared? Would they have what it takes to take down their fearless leader and save all mankind? What should I wear to my shot? I mean it does not seem like zombies really get much of a chance to change or update their wardrobe so whatever I wore would be it for the long haul, and who wants to be stuck in a poorly thought out outfit or something that keeps riding up?? 

Needless to say that after a sleepless zombie dream filled night my headcold ramped up  and the next day and I had to leave work before the shot could be administered. I have not rescheduled my shot,  I am firm believer of fate so I have got to believe I missed that shot for a reason. So for now I can rest easy knowing that yes I may get a few chest infections or tonsillitis this year but I have saved the world from certain disaster!

So think twice about your shot and if others turn then don't get bit

Mrs K

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