Friday, 17 May 2013

Cultured Zombies?

Greetings friends, in previous blogs I have mentioned that the zombie wave of popularity continues to rise.  Despite this, buzz has been circulating recently that this beloved genre is running out of steam and is suffering from over exposure.  Whatever!!  Proving this theory wrong are the Ford brothers, directors of ‘The Dead’ and their sequel ‘The Dead 2: India’.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with these titles, allow me to enlighten you.  The Dead follows Lt Brian Murphy as he struggles to survive across a plagued African landscape.  On his journey He encounters a local military officer Daniel Dembele and the pair must put their political differences aside and work together as they attempt to avoid the undead.
As a stand alone film The Dead presents much more than your expected plot points for this particular genre.  The idea of blending cultural aspects against the horror of a zombie apocalypse is a fresh and welcomed approach, as we the audience question if the human race could rid themselves of any prejudice in order to survive.
After receiving such a positive response from the first film, the Ford brothers have returned with a sequel that builds on the same themes of the first.  This time around we are introduced to an interracial couple (American guy and an Indian girl) and a very disapproving father, as the undead ravage the streets of India.  Our love struck hero must make his way to his beloved, as she not only battles unfriendly zombies but also her cranky father!
The Ford brothers have taken such a unique targeted approach to the humble zombie film that audiences walk away with more than just a few frights.  Make sure you check out the trailers for both films below.



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