Wednesday, 8 May 2013

K-Pop Zombies!!

Hello friends, you may not be aware, but I am a rather huge fan of Korean Pop music, otherwise known as K-Pop.  Before you say it was Psy and his sexy dance moves that got me hooked, well let me stop you right there!  I’ve been enjoying the K-Pop sound for about 3 years now and have enjoyed seeing this genre grow in popularity.
Now what do zombies have to do with K-Pop you may ask?  With competition increasing amongst the endless supply of Korean musicians, it is becoming difficult for these all dancing, all singing superstars to stand out in the crowd – enter stage right onto the music video set, our K-Pop zombies!!
4 Minute is a gorgeous five piece girl group who are rudely interrupted in their music video by some of the trendiest zombies you will ever see!  Thankfully the girls are not ripped apart and eaten alive and the zombies agree to settle as back up dancers.  If this is your first taste of K-Pop then check out the video below:

Now this wouldn’t be the music industry if there wasn’t some kind of overblown drama on this subject matter.  Believe it or not, 4 Minute have been accused of stealing the use of zombies in their video from rival girl band T-ARA!!!  To get things straight, T-ARA did shoot their video with zombies before 4 Minute, however the videos aren’t really comparable.  In the T-ARA video the girls are intent on teasing the zombies by continuing to perform their appealing routines behind cages while the zombies drool and reach out in desperation to eat these Korean hotties.  You can see what the scandal is about with T-ARA’s music video below:

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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