Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Zombies Vs Violins?

Ok before you all think this is the musical adaptation of Plants Vs Zombies, hold on to your Mrs K approved zombie preparedness kit!!  Allow me to bring the name Lindsey Stirling to your attention.  Now why would I be writing about an ex contestant from season 5 of Americas Got Talent you ask?  Well, this fancy little fiddler has decided to give Michael Jackson’s Thriller a run for its money with the film clip to her recent single Moon Trance!

Now I understand your raised eyebrow at a cute violinist versing a pack of flesh hungry zombies, but Lindsey is fast becoming known for bending and blending all kinds of genres with her classical background.  There’s no denying that this little pocket rockets enthusiasm is infectious in this video and the zombies choreography along with the old school make-up make Moon Trance a fun ride for all.  Enjoy!
Bite You Later
Mr Vitamin G

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