Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What's in Mrs K's apocalyptic makeup bag

Ok it’s time to review another product that you can be dead certain (or undead) will be stockpiled and in my makeup bag when the announcement to evacuate or become zombie food is made!

This one ticks all the box’s as far as an multipurpose beauty item goes. The product is Col. Lecta Colour Cheek Tint by Australian beauty brand, Bloom. I picked this up a while ago now in a sample box and it is now one of my daily go to items and I will certainly be purchasing this when I have run out.

This is way more than just a mere cheek tint. It comes in a cute and more importantly space saving stackable pot. There is also a great range of colours to suit any post-apocalyptic complexion. It has a lovely creamy consistency which can really help with those survival exposed dry cheeks but its real beauty is the other ways you can wear it. The colour I been  using is yarra, which is a light peachy colour and it works as an eye shadow, a blush and sometimes even when on the run a lip tint too. What could be a more perfect item for my apocalyptic make up bag, I ask??

So look after your face while you still have one and don't get bit.

Mrs K

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