Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Oh No They Didn't!!!

Greetings friends, today we take a steel bat and smack the crap out of all your favourite childhood memories.  That’s right BZF fans, all those stories you grew to love and enjoy as a child have now been put through the grinder and served up as an eyeball risotto.
To be more clear, a few authors have decided to convert a series of popular children’s stories into adult’s only fare.  Let’s start with ‘That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore’, a cautionary tale of what to expect when mummy is more interested in your intestines than helping you with your homework.  Maybe you would prefer ‘Pat The Zombie’ a humorous take on ‘Pat The Bunny’ where your tactile senses are challenged with a grotesque transformation of the old touch-and-feel.  Just imagine skimming your fingers over mummy’s empty eye socket or pinching dads decaying jaw!

Other notable mentions include All My Friends Are Dead, 10 Little Zombies: A Love Story, Jack and Jill Went Up To Kill and The Very Hungry Zombie.  The above titles really are a guilty little pleasure if you’re willing to have a few innards and gizzards drizzled over your childhood memories.
Bite You Later

Mr Vitamin G

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