Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Warm Bodies

Well bite my face off and call me Sally – another zombie movie has landed in cinemas!! Warm Bodies has been receiving a steady stream of hype and positive reviews whilst achieving mainstream success.  The film cost $35 million to make and has already taken in a whopping $110 million worldwide and is now continuing its feeding frenzy down under!
Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies focuses on the relationship between a young zombie boy and a cute hottie played by Australia’s Teresa Palmer.  The twist with this film is that the story is told from the zombie perspective and how human traits still exist within these hungry people munching machines!

Needless to say, the anticipation is running high here at BZF so naturally Mrs K has ordered an excursion for research purposes of course!  Do yourselves a favour and check out this this new zombie flick, trailer below for your viewing pleasure!

Bite You Later

Mr Vitamin G

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