Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What's in Mrs K's apocalyptic makeup bag

So by now you all know that I strongly believe that the zombie apocalypse does not mean that you have to go around looking all haggard and pasty, there will be enough to deal with so I am not dealing with looking almost as dead as the zombies!! A bit of colour people, please!

This has inspired me to give some thought on what products I would include in my apocalypse make up bag as a regular feature here on BZF. I will be scouting for products that are readily available, so easy to stockpile and can be used a few different ways so I can save on precious space if having to travel on foot. And this is also the perfect excuse for me to subscribe to another beauty box! Well how else is a girl meant to do her product research!!

Now you may be thinking come on, makeup in the apocalypse…. Be realistic. I am no fool, I know that there will be days when there is no chance to ‘put my face on’ or things will get just too hard to find, but I will never stop caring about uneven skin tone and looking washed out!!

So here is the first zombie apocalypse ‘must have’ I have found.

Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream – BB (beauty balms) creams seem to be where it’s at right now in the beauty world. I recently got this in a Bellabox as a sample and now I am hooked. This product covers provides coverage like a foundation and also acts as a moisturiser, it has an SPF 15 and soothes red skin, also helps control oil  and it also has anti-ageing properties!! So what could be more perfect for all that stress that apocalyptic conditions will place on one’s skin?  You can replace your moisturiser, anti-ageing serum, concealer and foundation with this one product and free up some precious space in your makeup bag. I have super precious difficult skin and most foundations just disappear within minutes on my face. I tried this during the really hot weather we had last month and it stayed on for hours and hours so I really feel it could go the distance when you’re getting all sweated up evading the hungry hoards. It retails for around $15.00 and you can find it in most Department stores.  I say stock up on this one.

So look after your face and don't get bit.

Mrs K

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