Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Zombie stompers!

By now you would be on board with how important the choice of footwear for surviving the zombie apocalypse is going to be. On one of my many Pinterest adventures I came across this awesome  footwear range, so thought I would share!

Introducing  the Zombie Stomper platform from Iron Fist

I admit that these beauties will probably not serve you well in the apocalypse, unless your confident you can run down a zombie in 4 and a half inch heels. However, they would be awesome to add to your wardrobe to get you into the zombie stomping spirit and who doesn't love a peep toe! We all know the power of  fancy new shoes.

You can order these ass kicking heels from, 
or if you are looking for something a little more zombie hunter friendly then check out others in the range.

I am loving the  Rip my Heart Combat Boot.

So start planning for your end of the world wardrobe now and don't get bit.

Mrs K

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