Monday, 4 February 2013

I'm back!

Hey BZFers! Miss me?

I'm back and now an old married lady! Everything went well and we had a wonderful time but I am now suffering from a bad case of post major event depression as I start to come back down to earth!

Firstly a huge thank you to Mr Vitamin G who I am sure you will all agree did an awesome job of heading up BZF headquarters!

I also hope you enjoyed the brilliant work of Mr Rimsky, the newest member of the BZF team, I am sure he had lots more interesting stuff in store for us!

Well I did I fact spend a great deal of the honeymoon pool side, and whilst some brides may prefer to be spending their post wedded bliss holiday with a good romance novel, I immersed myself in zombie fiction! I managed to get through quite a few novels and still going! I have read a gazillion zombie books lately and I have realised that there seems to be some standard themes that make up the formula for a great zombie read, so thought I would share my thoughts.

1. Zombie uprisings pretty much always happen in the dead of winter. I guess it adds an extra level to the survival tale; the hero’s have not only the undead to deal with, but fighting against the elements and trudging through snow trying to find shelter. I often wonder why The Walking Dead is not set in winter; it is in the graphic novels and definitely adds something to the storyline.

2. All zombies are not created equal. Ok so you think you have zombies all figured out and all the hours spent watching The Walking Dead have prepared you to do battle, well think again! The slightest mutation in a zombie virus and bang you have super zombies who can outrun you, learn, work together, hunt in packs, be taken over and controlled by some crazy vampire etc.

3. There are endless names for zombies. Walkers, biters, deaders, the unconsecrated, risers, murdo,  zeed’s, speeders, oh and my favourite…’the infected’.

4. The zombie apocalypse brings out the absolute worst of human nature. When society falls apart and the big guns are busy trying to save us all from being wiped of the planet and normally becoming extinct themselves anyway, the lowest of the low of society turn the post-apocalyptic world into their own sick depraved playground! As if there is not enough to contend with, trust no one!!

5. Think twice about that flu shot!! The number of outbreaks that have stemmed from a rushed vaccine for a pandemic, like H1N1 is alarming, had a been into all of this earlier I may not have so willingly lined up for my free work place swine flu vaccination!! The phrase ‘dodged a bullet’ comes to mind!

Some of my most recent reads include, all well worth checking out in my opinion. I generlay download all my novels from Kobo and use the Kobo application on my Ipad as a reader.

Zombie Fallout Series by Mark Tufo
The Outbreak by Taylor Wright
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
The Rising Dead by Devan Sagliani

I will do some more in depth reviews on these at some stage. So have any of you got an awesome zombie read that we need to know about?

Enjoy your summer reading and don't get bit

Mrs K


  1. thanks for giving my book a read! looking forward to the review!

    1. Thanks, Tayler, I really enjoyed it, and thanks for checking out the blog.