Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I am Legend 2007

As I mentioned on Friday, the novel I am Legend spawned three major movie adaptions.

The latest was the action blockbuster that took the world by storm, I am Legend. Hard to believe it was released over seven years ago. So grab your German Shepard and huddle in the bath. 

I am Legend 2007 – starring Will Smith

Roll the special effects! This is a blockbuster remake that probably borrows a bit from everything. Like in The Omega Man Neville is a scientist and in the military. He does lose his family like in the novel, although they don't die from the plague. Rather than Los Angeles, the setting is now New York.

The undead are now mutated monsters, unable to speak but able to will rip you apart for your blood. They are not called vampires but their lust for blood and general behaviour reflect their vampire heritage. Robert has a dog which loosely borrows from the novel. There is no new society of infected people but there are other human survivors.

There are a couple of scenes that mimic those in The Omega Man, like the movie scene. In The Omega Man Neville watches Woodstock at the local cinema, quoting the lines. In I am Legend it is a DVD of Shriek. How technology has changed. The quotes from both movies haunting reflect the current situation Neville has found himself in. Likewise the DVD store with the dressed up Mannequins in I am Legend mirrors the clothes shop scene in The Omega Man

Due to Neville’s work in the basement laboratory, he is able to create a cure before he dies. Humanity is saved again. Double yay!

With the wonders of CGI I am Legend provides some amazing visuals. Lions prowling Times Square, destroyed buildings and savage monsters. 

Available on DVD for your home entertainment. 

Bite off more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

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