Monday, 18 May 2015

Bug Out Survival Skills

So one Friday afternoon, when I was coming down with a cold, Amazon pops up on my tablet with a message. Would I like to buy Creek Stewart's latest survival book on kindle? Yes please! Nothing better than reading a good book when feeling under the weather.

The idea behind this book is simple. What happens if there is a disaster but you lose your Bug Out Bag, full of all those essential survival goodies? As Creek says, maybe it is stolen by "a group of desperate suburbanite soccer mums wielding lacrosse sticks". Yeah I don't trust those soccer mums either.

This is essentially another survival guide and covers many of the basics you will find in every book. Making shelters, purifying water and hunting down small mammals for dinner. In fact quite a bit of this book is taken from Creek's other books or his website. Still there are enough new takes on survival to make it worth reading.

For a start there is more information on urban survival, like how to rig up a tripwire alarm or use a car dash sun reflector as a space blanket or using a broken hedge trimmer to make a machete. Also, for the first time ever, he shows how to make an awesome new variation of the classic debris shelter. Ok, maybe not everyone thinks that's awesome.

Strangely, there are a couple of places in the kindle version were text is inserted in the wrong place. Like where Creek discusses natural alternatives for toilet paper, which ends with "you can touch up areas with cooled charcoal from a fire". Rubbing charcoal on your butt? I suspect that part was meant to be in the previous section on camouflage. 

This is Creek's third book in the Build the Prefect Bug Out series (build the bag, build the vehicle, and now the skills). With a online shop, books, website, survival courses and TV series he is going commercial. I envy the guy. 

Bite off more small mammal than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

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