Thursday, 7 November 2013

Zombie STIs?

Recently, Mr Rimsky highlighted the importance of personal hygiene during tough times.  I’m going to take that idea one step further and raise all the questions that most folk are probably too shy to ask, like what about intimacy?  Salt n Peppa famously sang ‘Let’s talk about sex’ and the comedy classic Mean Girls taught the world that if you’re a teenager and you have sex, then you will get chlamydia and die!

Seriously though, the whole safe sex idea in the apocalypse may be in jeopardy, take The Walking Dead for example, Rick found himself a dad for the second time round and the baby ended up with the nickname ‘Ass Kicker’!

Thankfully, Hollywood has expressed concern for this issue and has released a trailer for the upcoming zombie flick ‘Contracted’.  Now before you get too excited, this film appears to take place prior to the apocalypse and may actually focus on patient zero, sadly for her she has symptoms which appear to be more lethal than just your average case of herpes or chlamydia.

Intrigued?  Check out the trailer below!
Until such time that we get to see the full film, Mr Vitamin G advises you to proceed with caution and of course protection!
Bite you later
Mr Vitamin G

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