Thursday, 28 November 2013


Shuffling feet, groaning incoherently, eyes glazed over… an approaching zombie, hungry for fresh meat? Not quite. Just me, Miss Kohopop, before my morning coffee.

If you’re anything like me, the day doesn’t truly begin until you get your hands on a steaming hot soy flat white. There are countless studies proving how a little caffeine goes a long way; increased concentration, motivation and improved reaction time. All skills that could be put to good use in avoiding the walking dead.
This creates a problem for the post-apocalyptic zombie world. How do you get your caffeine fix when you’re holed up in a bunker with no electricity or running for your life? Never fear fellow coffee addicts, I have the solution!
A ‘phin’ is a small stainless-steel coffee filterthat sits neatly atop your glass. It has long used in Vietnam and famous for making delicious  phê sua , Vietnamese iced coffee. It’s cheap, durable, easy to use and will make a perfect Americano or Vietnamese iced coffeestrong and sweet. Just add some hot water and condensed milk (which will last a long time without spoiling) and let the drip do the rest. Best of all it’s portable - small enough to keep in your backpack without taking up precious spaceSo what are you waiting for? Find more information here
Have another idea for getting your coffee fix on the run? Share it with us below.
You only bite once!
Miss Kohopop

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  1. But but but wheeeeere can we get hot water? And what about the more civilised of us who drink tea ;) maybe the zombies just need a niiiiice cuppa tea and a hobnob to dunk......potential cure for the apocalypse maybe ?