Saturday, 16 November 2013

BZF Book Club

I’m not sure about you guys but back in the day, science was never really my strong suit.  Biology class taught us the fascinating inner workings of the human body but I was too busy being obsessed with all things 90’s like techno music and a little Sandra Bullock movie called Speed.

It’s no surprise to anyone that our old friend the zombie has a keen interest in human biology and most of all consuming our fundamental organs!  So for all well-read zombies who are seeking a more in-depth look there is ‘A Zombie’s Guide to the Human Body (tasty tidbits from head to toe)’.

If you thought things were looking bad when major cities were over run and you forgot to make a zombie preparedness kit, well things just got a whole lot worse with the publication of this bloody book!  Why?  For starters ‘zombies’ will learn about fast food aka how muscles make humans run therefore knowing how best to take us down! 

If zombies are peckish but can’t decide between a leg or a neck then they can learn about all the bones inside and which ones are the best to chew on mmmmmm.  I must say it is an exciting new way to look at biology through the rotting eyes of a hungry zombie, despite feeling somewhat vulnerable if a zombie knows about the benefits of munching on my Pyloric Sphincter!

Informative, engaging and disgusting, this book gives the younger reader in all of us an entertaining perspective on Biology and really gets into the guts of it all!

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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