Saturday, 26 October 2013

What Zombies taste like...

In general, zombies spend most of their time chomping on the living, but last week I sank my teeth into a sweet juicy Zombie Chew!!  A BZF fan, Miss E was thanking me for some assistance I had provided with her computer, in return she presented to me my new favourite food group:

How I didn’t know about this scrumptious treat weighed heavily on my heart, but I moved on quickly and consumed my very first Zombie Chew in a very enthusiastic manner.  Let me offer a warning straight up, these babies are CHEWY, so if you have braces or any form of dentures you might want to approach with caution. 
Having eaten my first Zombie Chew within around 4 minutes, I felt as though I had ingested a Teletubbie covered in icing sugar wrapped in Honey Boo Boo.  I also began to notice some interesting symptoms which included a fuzzy tongue, an uncontrollable urge to act like a hyperactive 4 year old and the need to drink copious amounts of water.
It did cross my mind for a split second that the Zombie Chew might  be the product of a brilliant masterminds plan to fast track the apocalypse via delicious candies with unpronounceable ingredients, but then I fell sharply into a sugar coma and came to the conclusion that the only thing to improve my sunken state was to have more!!!

Please consume responsibly.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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