Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Smart Zombies!

Zombies have a well-known reputation for being mindless people eating machines and for being somewhat brainless, yet in popular fiction they are able to over throw governments, law enforcement and common society.

Do you have the goods to survive the zombie apocalypse?  Do you have the skills to make it through the outbreak and avoid the panic?  I’m not talking about a medical kit and a few cans of soup, rather the mental preparedness to keep it all together and save not only your life but your loved ones too.
If you have answered no to any of the questions above (don’t feel bad, I only just found out Teal was a colour) help is on the way thanks to the University of California!  Confused?  How would you like to take a course in Society, Science, Survival:  Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead – if your heart stopped for a second, I kid you not, this is the real deal.
The course aims to help you understand basic social identities, the spread of disease, how to protect yourself all while using The Walking Dead as a basis for the zombie apocalypse.  Who ever thought that a university course would be the best place to start when arming yourself for the worst, but didn’t someone say that ‘knowledge is power’.
Even better, the cost of enrolment is free and it runs from October 14 to December 20, so if your interested in achieving an A+ for your apocalypse survival, then you better be quick!  To find out more information, check out the University of California’s website.
Bite you later
Mr Vitamin G

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