Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Run Zombie, Run!!

Here in Australia we are finally seeing signs of Spring, the cherry blossoms are beginning to sprout, the daylight is getting longer and the zombies are starting to unthaw from their winter chill.  Now when I talk about zombies in this context, yes I mean all the people out there who have hidden all winter beneath a nice warm blanket with a hot chocolate and some choice DVD’s.
I’m sure you’re thinking this sounds like the perfect way to chase away those winter blues – WRONG!!  Having recently returned to my physical schedule of swimming a few times a week, I discovered just how unfit this season I had become.
Care factor?  Well, As I hung on to the edge of the pool, trying not to drown and trying to maintain some form of dignity, I hoped that the apocalypse was not approaching anytime soon – coz let’s face it, I could probably only run 100 metres before I ran out of breath and got eaten by a hungry horde of voracious zombies!

So what to do next?  The popular film Zombieland tells us to keep up our cardio and based on my current circumstances I tend to agree.  I know ‘working out’ can seem like a real chore and many would probably offer up their second best friend to the undead before joining a gym, but never fear there is a fun alternative that may just get you off the couch and give you some Chuck Norris abs (mullet not included).

Please welcome my new favourite App Zombies Run!  What more motivation do you need to exercise than escaping from zombies, completing lifesaving missions and important supply runs!  This simply put is a super creative way to immerse yourself in the middle of a zombie ravaged planet while improving your fitness at the same time.

Each time you perform a mission, the app records the distance, time, pace and calories burned by using your phone’s GPS – Genius!!  This concept works for a number of reasons.  First of all there are no real zombies to bite you to pieces. Second, you have the chance to build up your skills slowly as you develop your fitness and your recon skills.  And finally, after you have persisted with this fun little program – you will have improved fitness levels to outrun real zombies should the worst come true.

I’m sure right now you want to have a sneak peak at what this little baby is like so make sure you check out the video below!
Bite you later
Mr Vitamin G

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