Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Oh No They Didn't!!

Ok BZF peeps, I want you to brace yourselves for the craziest trailer I have come across in ages!  I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you about a movie coming your way in 2014 called Squirrels, yep you heard me Squirrels!!  Naturally here at BZF we have a preference for the cute and cuddly Bunny, so excuse my raised eyebrow and jaw to the floor reaction when this trailer came online.

So far not much is known about Squirrels, except that the production team behind Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter are helming, which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.  Apparently we can expect some flesh hungry Squirrels who are super mad because an evil Gas company has destroyed their natural habitat (insert crickets chirping).  I’m not sure that Squirrels banding together and gnawing away at people one by one will have the same impact that Hitchcock’s The Birds did all those years ago or break new ground in the ‘when unsuspecting animals attack’ sub genre.
Don’t get me wrong, I love B movies and I love a little foray into the ridiculous but I don’t think this is gonna reach the dizzy heights of 2013’s surprise mockbuster Sharknado.  I know I am sounding a little harsh and I will admit that a small part of me would enjoy seeing furry little critters going feral and pursuing a flesh binge, but we will have to wait and see.
To make up your mind, I invite you to check out the teaser trailer below:
Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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