Friday, 2 August 2013

Killer jewellery

In times of uncertainty, for example the zombie apocalypse,  a woman's got to have a few tricks up her sleeve, well at least on her hand. I'm talk about poison rings - killer jewellery in the extreme.

These rings feature a secret container that can be used to hold poison, either to allow you to poison your enemy, or in the worst case, when you have completly exhausted all of your options and zombies are pouring in World War Z style, for suicide. Of course they can store other things like messages, medicine or keepsakes from your loved ones.

These types of rings became quite popular in Europe around the sixteenth and seventh centuries. These these two belong to Mr Rimsky's mum but are more modern versions. Yes, a scan of the web indicates a range of poison rings for sale. And judging from Pinterest there are very cool designs out there, from Gothic inspired coffins and spiders to more decorative styles.

Jewellery with killer fair, you got to love that.

Get your bling on and don't get bit

Mrs K

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