Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What's in Mrs K's apocalypse makeup bag

Ok so after last months shower gel frivolity it's time to get a little more serious, especially after the news of recent zombie attacks in Florida and fresh from watching World War Z! So this month a makeup compact of a different kind, authentic military issue camouflage makeup.

This little gem was gifted to me by Mr Rimsky and is probably the most important item in my bag to date. The idea behind camo makeup is to disguise the futures that make you human to a preditor so in our case, hungry zombies! Now I did plan to do a bit of a tutorial on how to apply this but after a test run on my hand I decided this was not a good idea. This stuff is waterproof, and not like your fave water proof mascara being able to stand up to a bit of a cry, I am talking hard core waterproof that took much scrubbing red raw and there is still some remaining! This does mean that at least you won't suddenly be left exposed to the zombie hoard in a down pour of rain.  So sorry that you miss out on that, but I have super sensetive skin and was not really prepared to have my face peel off in the name of research! Perhaps at some stage Mr Vitamin G or Mr Rimsky will oblige but In the meantime there are heaps of tutorials to be found on YouTube.

So get your makeup bag in order and don't get bit.

Mrs K

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